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Interesting Interview With Bergwijn + His PSV Pals Share Their Thoughts On Him [video]
By Harry Hotspur -

Steven Bergwijn left the Ajax academy at 13 and this brief series of interviews catches up with the player himself. Mark Van Bommel (head coach at PSV Eindoven) who spoke supportively of the boy. Rood Van Nistlerooy also pops up, and he too placed an emphasis the strong character of the 21-year-old.

These discussions were filmed last summer just gone, and there’s an unhealthy dose of “so when are you leaving PSV, then?” going on, especially towards the close of the tape.

Shoehorned in are comparisons with Memphis Depay (which appear to only exist in the interviewer’s mind), along with a nudge-nudge “So how would you like to also join Manchester United?”

Bergwijn comes across as a decent sort.

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7 responses to “Interesting Interview With Bergwijn + His PSV Pals Share Their Thoughts On Him [video]”

  1. James McKevitt says:

    Looks good Steven, has pace, can play on left or right, very dominant right foot but can use left. Excellent close ball control, dribbles well, not afraid of taking the ball in traffic. Loves the Thierry Henry cut back in, can shoot, will have a lot of assists. Looks more the finished article than Gedson, might be able to contribute straight away. Fair play to the dear leader, hope this is the first of many.

  2. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Options, options, options…Jose needs a “target” man…only 3 days to go

  3. Lilywhite without the II says:

    I like decent sorts, but I also like Marmite so what do I know..

  4. ronan1882 says:

    Bringing in players like Gedson and Bergwijn suggests he’s intending to go 433, maybe using a false 9. So a midfield of Ndom LoCelso Gedson/Dier behind a front 3 of Sonny Dele Bergwijn. Could be a more dynamic, fast breaking spurs, than the sideways, sideways, backwards one. Ideally something like the high-energy Napoli team of the mid 2010s rather than late Mourinho Man U. Would still like to see a recognised striker come in with a better goals to chances ratio than the current forwards. If not Parrot then a bigger unit like Mitrovic who’d allow things to be mixed up when needed.

  5. DannyG says:

    I have a good feeling about this transfer. I think he’ll turn out pretty handy for us. I just hope we sign the striker we badly need. Why are we sniffing around Slimani? Proven rubbish

    • Andy says:

      Van Bommel was a very tough footballer, he would know the mentality of Bergwin and the skill level is evident. The big questions still remain: an out and out striker, a DM and a right back please.

    • ronan1882 says:

      Slimani: fewer goals than the number of windows it would take to get rid of him.