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“In the next few days” – Transfer Insider believes major transfer is close to completion

By Mehdi Gokal -

Transfer insider Dean Jones has provided an update on the Harry Kane transfer saga, suggesting that the England striker is likely to complete his move to Bayern Munich in the coming days.

The prolonged transfer saga seems to be reaching its conclusion, with Tottenham now willing to part ways with their star player and Bayern showing a strong desire to secure his services at a significant cost.

Jones highlighted the delicacy of this phase of the transfer window, as losing a key player like Kane at this point can drastically alter a team’s plans for the upcoming season.

Bayern Munich seem determined to finalize the deal within the week, although the financial aspects could prove challenging, given that Bayern has never spent such a substantial amount on a single player before.

The absence of news regarding Kane’s interest in a new contract with Tottenham suggests that he may indeed be heading for an exit. With the window closing in, both clubs are under pressure to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

Jones mentioned that sources in Germany are genuinely confident about a positive outcome in the next few days, indicating that a breakthrough in the negotiations may be imminent.

He told GiveMeSport:

“This is a very fragile period of the transfer window because if you lose a star player now, it absolutely shatters your plans for the new season.

“Bayern are poised to do exactly that to Spurs because they want to get a deal done this week. It won’t be easy, far from it, but we have reached the stage where they are going to put everything on the table and hope that Daniel Levy and Co. can see the upside to selling him at the price they propose.

“I have serious doubts about Bayern spending over £100million, so the chances of this deal actually going through have to be measured carefully, especially as Bayern have never gone near this level of spending on one player before.

“But because of the Kane stance, it is not impossible. There has been no news on him having any interest in a new Spurs contract, so that avenue is currently shut down.

“Let’s see because sources in Germany seem genuinely confident something positive could happen in the next few days.”

According to reports, Bayern executives met with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and others in Central London, and the talks were described as positive. The German club is reportedly only £20 million short of Tottenham’s valuation of Kane, and Spurs are said to be interested in including a buyback clause in any potential deal.

TBH Says:

Indeed selling Kane at this point could be catastrophic considering we are only 2 weeks away from the start of the new season. There may not be enough time to secure an adequate replacement in time.


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