Date: 1st February 2019 at 10:26pm
Written by:
My thanks to Billy The Yid!

I’ve grown a little tired of hearing people slag off the manager of our football club. Not any football club. Ours. And that is about where the links with managing pretty much any other club stop. 

No other manager has had to endure the constant guano Poch has from the English National Investment Company.

So what are the arguments against him? He picks weak sides in the cup? Yep I’d say he probably does. But there are questions to be asked here.

Why must he choose? Because there’s no investment in the squad. It’s like a pensioner having to decide what to do, eat or stay warm.

Is he choosing? Possibly. But equally possible is there’s a phone call from a certain individual explaining the need for the Champions League cash to keep rolling in. Which will be to cover the huge foul ups made elsewhere.

He should stand up and shout? Do you do that with your boss? As Balague has stated, behind the scenes it looks as if he may well be doing just that, but for reasons known to him, he tries to keep a poker face in front of the press. 

Maurico has certainly made mistakes in terms of selection of players, but Harry Kane has made mistakes as well. It’s part of being human. 

We should get someone else in place?? Like who?? Who do you realistically think we could attract, without Mr Slappy telling bare faced lies, as luck would have it he’s very good at it.

We would have a choice of, Hughton, Howe, or some foreign coach few have heard of. There would be no Conte. Or Simeone. Great coaches wouldn’t happen because these people will not work under those circumstances. 

Finally there’s the player recruitment. He may well have chosen badly in Janssen. Was he even his first choice? We will not find out for the foreseeable. It’s my opinion that the rest of the incomings were not his choice, nor is there a committee.

Nor it would seem anymore are there incomings anyway. One man rules there, and if you require further evidence, ask why AVB got a gagging order served on him?? 

We have a character running our club, who’s primary interest is money for him and Joe. Not THFC.

His ego will ensure that we remain stagnant at best as he can’t be seen to be had over on a deal, and I’d be willing to bet that Guardiola himself could not coach some of the current players we have to a higher level.