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“I’m Not An Idiot” José Breaks Tottenham Silence On Christian Eriksen Situation [video]
By Harry Hotspur -
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The gaffer’s response when being questioned about Christian Eriksen’s curious route from the pitch after the Liverpool game was almost comical in its brevity. “Has he played his last game for Spurs?” “He plays tomorrow” replied José.

What happened next was box office Mourinho. “I’m not an idiot” the Portuguese told the press. In a nutshell, Mourinho acknowledged the worst kept secret at the club.

It has to be said, it would have been useful if someone at Spurs (nudge, nudge) spoke out on the Dane a good long while ago. Nobody has benefited from the manner in which this wretched business has panned out.

What’s the worst that can happen, the player gets booed? So what!

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52 responses to ““I’m Not An Idiot” José Breaks Tottenham Silence On Christian Eriksen Situation [video]”

  1. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Though quick to call others ‘idiots’, maureen has been idiotic time and again… Our best win so far 5-0 against Burnley, eriksen wasn’t even on the pitch.. Yet still trusting and relying on this wantaway. After eriksens performances in the cups, especially verses lincoln city, there is no way he should be starting against boro.. The worst that could happen is typical eriksen shows up and we get knocked out of this cup too… Maureen was quick to defend ‘hes not an idiot’ but its an idiotic situation.

  2. MrChickenHead says:


  3. MrChickenHead says:

    Oh look the new Ron has spoken.

  4. Tappaspur says:

    🎼 I’ve been going out with a club
    Known to some as spursy
    Just last night she said to me
    When we were watching telly
    Listen fan I love you
    There’s no one else I fancy
    I would never two time you
    And gonna bring you some trophieeees.
    Some of our fans are morons
    Some of our fans are morons
    Some of our fans are moronnnnnns. Jilted john

  5. DannyG says:

    No excuses now for not competing in the transfer market. We’re the richest club in London and 8th in the world! This was obviously the ENIC plan to “build sustainability “. Well now we are there. Time to pay back to the fans.

    • Tappaspur says:

      We’ll ease into spending all this new money i think. We’ll build another strong team then keep adding to it and sustain. The billion pound quality team won’t be left to dry out again. We’re gonna be massive you know. We’ll be in the top four of the world’s richest clubs and will buy trophies with our own money. No stadium sponsorship yet we’re up to 8th”already. Step a side soon Bayern . I hate that club now😁. Come on you spurs later.

  6. East Stand says:

    It’s a shame Jose saves the ‘box office’ performances for the press room rather than on the pitch. Is it all he’s got left, still being lippy with the media? Give me strength.

    Just get on and improve us over Poch, that’s what you’re paid 15m a year to do. He’s even said “I’m so happy” like Poch used to. Perhaps it’s part of the job description?

    • Tappaspur says:

      This time next year three windows will have been opened and Tottenham gonna confirm you are really stupid. I promise ill TRY to go easy on you. Anyway carry on digging. Enjoy.

      • Tappaspur says:

        You’re gonna feel stupid and shame

        • East Stand says:

          Ok, what will be the level we’ll supposedly get to that will make me look ‘stupid’? A top four place, a Champions League final?

          For me to look a little silly billy, Jose will need to surpass both of those achievements just to get to Poch’s level. Then go on to win what? The league title? the Champions League?

          If we don’t get top four but win the League Cup or the Ropey, those wooden spoon cups still won’t cut it, if he can’t first reach Poch’s achievements.

          Your expectations are high of Jose, and Levy for that matter. Time will indeed tell…

          • Tappaspur says:

            My expectations are high of TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR. Anyway I can’t take anything you say about my club seriously. Why would i.

            • East Stand says:

              ‘Your club’? As much my club as yours and anyone else’s I’m afraid. It doesn’t work like that…

            • East Stand says:

              I’ll be delighted to be proved wrong, if I am then Levy will will have done what you predict and I’ll be very happy about it. Looking at all the shiny pots and attending the open top bus parades. As I did as a child.

  7. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    He should have been given the hairdryer as soon as he wanted out.. A serial loser who doesn’t want to be there.. Sir alex would have got rid… No man should be bigger than the club (except kane).. I wouldnt play ‘the Great Pain’ against boro, they will get physical again and show heart and passion.. Something eriksen pretends hes got every time he fluffs an opportunity when he shuts his eyes, tilts his head back, and gives out a mouse like roar…. Maureen is being half himself, and half poch with a good dash of enic thrown in. Its all rather strange.

  8. James McKevitt says:

    Watched Nando’s highlights, he’s got pace, he can pass long and short. Has good reading of the game, can shoot, can take free kicks and penalties, very very dominant right foot, might be easily defended. A lot to like, but I don’t know the quality of the opposition, and it’s a highlight reel, you don’t see all the rubbish things he does on a football field.
    I saw N’Dombele’s highlights and he looks much like the player we got, highly skilled, full of tricks, so here’s hoping.

  9. James McKevitt says:

    Really strange stuff on line about this deal. Seems to be an 18 month loan with an option to buy put variously at £50- 60 million range. Well good luck to Benfica getting anywhere near that if the rumours
    about the Lo Celso price haggling are true. Two different Portuguese media outlets put the Fernandes loan fee at 1.5 million and 4.5 million. He can’t get into the Benfica team at the moment. So we’re renting a guy like we’re buying a Ford Mondeo on HP.

    There is also talk of Llorente coming back, the same Llorente who left after being asked to take a 25 per cent pay cut after helping us reach a Champions League Final. Does any of this look like the work of one of the biggest, richest clubs in the world?

  10. JimmyGrievance says:

    Somebody forgot to tell Levy it’s Bruno Fernandes not Gedson Fernandes. He should’ve asked Danny Rose to google the right one.

  11. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Gutted if ManU get Bruno, he’s the one we should of got…funny we never go back in for these players 🤔

  12. James McKevitt says:

    Alasdair Gold got a nice rap on the knuckles at that presser when asking Mourinho how he felt about Tanganga being out of contract in the the summer with the implication of losing him for nothing.

  13. Tappaspur says:

    Community ticket in the bag. COYS.

    • Lilywhite without the II says:

      Or in Levy’s office they are called “tickets we aint gonna sell anyway tickets” 😝

      • Tappaspur says:

        Nooooo. Community Allocation. Liverpool last game could all have been sold. Anyway. Big up clasford MBE😊

  14. James McKevitt says:

    If we could bring Eriksen on to take free kicks and then take him off, I’d keep him until the summer.

  15. James McKevitt says:

    To be fair Mourinho has said Eriksen has told him of his future plans, but that it was up to Eriksen to speak about his career plans.