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If This Report Is True Then Poch Is Finished
By Harry Hotspur -

“It was calm and no tea cups were thrown. The gaffer said he was happy with the first 45 minutes — and wanted us to remember that going forward.

“Of course he wasn’t happy with conceding three goals in the last seven minutes.

“But he clearly thinks it was a freak result and doesn’t want us to dwell on it too much.”

The Sun

It’d difficult to know where to start when responding to this.

When your child cycles into a lamppost and cracks their face open – because they weren’t concentrating, weren’t looking where they were going – what as a sane, responsible parent do you do?

The quotes sound like they came from Danny Rose. Sure, the wording is classic footballer speak, but the similarities with the interviews Danny gave this paper in the past are there.

Or maybe Mr Jiggins constructed this to simultaneously reassure the Levyologists, and send thinking fans into despair.

The first 45 minutes are completely irrelevant, unless being used to establish as we did yesterday, that they actually scuppered us.

This ‘focus on the positives’ stuff is counselling gibber jabber, for when you’re pleading with some bloke who’s about to jump off a multi-storey.

This squad doesn’t need counselling. This squad needs scrapping and starting again.

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32 responses to “If This Report Is True Then Poch Is Finished”

  1. Mark says:

    The Double side had Blanchflower and McKay, winners amongst others, they could pass on the winning ways to Perryman, Gilzean, Chivers etc, Perryman and Ardiles taught Hoddle and Roberts how to win trophies, they could pass it on to Waddle and so on and so forth. The current team have all of the ability in the world, but no one to pass on the winning habit when things get tough. They cost. So Leicester and Cheatski won Leagues over us. Liverpool were there for the taking, no one on the pitch to grab the game and the team by the scruff of the neck, McKay – Bremner style. McKay just did not ever lay down. Eriksen cruises through games, no blood and guts when necessary. Players like Kane are desperate to win, but lack the know how. Seeing their mates at internationals and in their homes with the bling, so prevalent in years past at the Lane, will create itchy feet and like Waddle, Hoddle and Gascoigne, they will go. Liverpool win and strengthen. City also. Levy, who can FUCK OFF by the way, poses for a while with his son when thing are going well and it is safe to, Semi-Final style, then cruises down the bank. He will notice season ticket holders staying away for lesser games, tickets for sale on Stub Hub, he will know, and the lack of interest from corporate with boxes empty and the share price going south, he will know. And he will just be the poker player, in my opinion con, who will continue to harvest any scrap or raw talent for future profit. The stadium, as you all know, is a money making machine, not to further any ‘Love to see the Glory of…’ you know the tune, but haven’t heard it for a while. As is the training ground. Bring on a couple of youngsters to be sold on for millions every year or two and it pays for itself. I do not blame Poch. My employer promised me again and again new machinery. But kept on calling in the engineer to keep things going. Eventually he had to sell up, the rivals bought modern and our customers went with them. Better quality, on time. I am amazed he is still here, he has been loyal, but fed promises. His hang dog look? Amazed and shocked? He has given his all, genuinely enjoyed the praise, but as Redknapp said, ‘Levy is the best poker player I have met.’ Poch has had enough but will sit it out until paid off. I would too unless I was stupid and so would you after convincing his right-hand men to stay and putting up with years of promises and shit. Only way to get rid of Levy is simply do not finance it. Go on holiday. Play golf. Take the wife and kids out. Go shopping for something without a Spurs Crest. Heart-breaking? Yes but the Spurs machine knows this. If Greaves, bless him, or someone insists we don’t for the good of the club, ignore it. Sorry mate, she if cheating on you. Unfaithful to the core. And you will have to fight and be strong to get that one you should have married back. Or stay as you are. Sometimes you will have a high to keep you going. But her lovers across the street will always be polite to you to your face, laughing behind it. They are getting what they want, she is a hoare and laughing with them. Can’t say COYS with any meaning any more. Hope I can in my remaining years and for the good of the up and comings. Years ago, I told my Dad to fuck off, as I am now telling Levy, took my boy to the game before the other lot caught his eye. Part of me is now hoping I get some bad news. ‘Dad, the Grandson wears red, nothing I can do, he told me to FUCK OFF and kiss Levy’s arse myself.’ And I am almost relieved. It was all supposed to be fun. He will know.

    • RSS61 says:

      Dead right, in particular Dave Mackay played in 40 major finals in his career and won 39 of them. Not a leader in sight

  2. Carl Williams says:

    What the inside scoop on the supposed SuperJan/Erikson rift due to a bit of John Terry type action?

  3. James McKevitt says:

    Haven’t seen the England squad, but assume Dele has been left out. That’ll hurt him big time. He loves the limelight, I now expect a huge improvement from him, he’ll be gutted to see Abraham and Sancho strutting their stuff. There is no pressure on him at Spurs, no competition for places, but England have plenty of competition. So thank god for Gareth and England and welcome back to a suddenly revitalised Dele. Dele’s brand demands he be front and center stage, just watch the miraculous transformation in his form.

  4. mattspurs says:

    Personally I think Poch must shoulder the blame for the score. 4-2 down after 60 minutes and he takes of N’D for Eriksen, then Dele and Winks for Moura and Lamela. basically leaving us with a front 5 supported by two wing backs – Kamkaze formation, a tactic that worked against Ajax.

    • James McKevitt says:

      He can’t shoulder the blame for piss poor finishing, Son could have had two at least. N’Dombele was tiring.

  5. legoverlassreinvented says:

    This decline has not arisen as a result of a pre season bust up within the squad but as a result of a systemic lack of investment by owners whose objective is land asset development with debt financing. ENIC have been owners for 18 years now and in that time we have had next to zero success in winning anything. That statement in itself tells you all you need to know. ENIC have been fortunate that they have been owners at a time when the floodgates have opened and money has poured in from TV. Where has that money gone though?It has not been invested into the squad as any transfers are funded by sales of players and we all know that ENIC have operated a policy of zero net transfer investment since they arrived. ENIC did not create THFC, they did not make us an EPL club. They inherited that status and the history of the club and have used that status and reputation to place the club into horrendous debt. They have now created a world class events complex and THFC are anchor tenants. Let that sink in for a while. THFC are now nothing more than a lead tenant at their own ground. It is leased to the football club but no longer owned by them. They will be one of just several tenants using the property asset even though thedebt financing is underpinned by the football club. I have no doubt that Tavistock Holdings will own the land the new stadium sits on. Let’s look at Pooch. What has Pooch ever won? He left Southampton having won nothing as he was offered no doubt a bigger salary and THFC were a bigger club. He inherited Kane and the deal for Ali was not of his doing. He got Kane lean and fit and it was Kanesdrive and ambition that made him the success he became as much as the so called genius of Pooch. Pooch has relied on Kane to deliver and has flogged him to death because he had no other options.Lets look at Poochs track record in developing players. Kane aside who has he developed? Son was already a talented top player when he came. Ali started with promise and potential but now looks a shadow of that earlier promise. Eriksen was here when Pooch arrived and at that time was one of the best dead ball strikers in the EPL yet now cannot take a corner or a free kick. He was happy to let Walker go and dismantle what was at the time one of the best back-four line ups around. He brought in Trippier who had no pace. He has played Davies who is simply not good enough. He brought in Sanchez who has been in decline for some time as a result of constantly playing out of position. He allowed Dembele to leave without a replacement. He has hardly got a tune out of Lamela since arriving other than turning him into a scurrying rabbit that is prone to yellow cards. Lamela had more creativity when he joined than he has now. He has changed Lamela but lost the creative spark along the way. Let’s look at Moura who singlehandedly snatched victory from defeat against Ajax in the CL semifinal and was then rewarded by being dropped and playing Kane who had not played for weeks and was not match sharp. What impact did that have on Moura as a player.? He spoke about being brave and then took a pay rise and went quite. He has been manager/ coach or whatever he feels he is whilst Ali , Kane , himself and Levy took massive pay hikes and thentold players like Toby, Jan and Eriksen that theckub would not improve their pay in line with market rates. Pooch is complicit in this decline process a long with Levy and now that the chickens are coming home to roost he has been sulking and constantly indicating he is not happy and open to leaving. The situation is an accumulative f**fest of mismanagement and lack of ambition. Yet still the owners seek to charge ticket prices comparable to the biggest and most successful clubs in the world. We need ENIC to feel the pain of a loss of CL football and declining revenues and for a genuine owner who recognises themassive potential of THFC and its need to be a winning team to realise that potential.Untilthat happensI see little hope of any meaningful change and just more new projects or new chapters and Groundhog Day once again.

    • Eddie says:

      An excellent summary Legover.The solution is that ENIC go and the new owners have the clubs best interests at heart.
      However that ain’t going to happen as there are still assests to be maximised and stipped.Only when that process is complete will Levy and Lewis contemplate selling and riding off into the sunset[laughing all the way to their offshore bank]having driven the club into the ground.
      With the current situation regarding the team and Poch we are fucked for the near future and possibly beyond.

    • mattspurs says:

      Personally I think Llorente changed the game against Ajax. In fact look back at the various impacts Nando had in the CL, PSV victory was down to him too. For all the calls for Moura to play he did fuck all on Tuesday night.
      Ironically our hignest net spend ever has left us in trouble.

    • RSS61 says:

      Hard to disagree with any of what you say.

  6. Martin James says:

    It’s not all doom and gloom. Just follow the yellow brick road.

  7. Marbella Spur says:

    I cannot see a solution to this mess. Levy’s inability to see that in order to be a top PL team, you need to strengthen every season has cost us dear. With the exception of Kane and Son, you could make a case that the rest of the team needs radical restructuring. The entire back four need replacing, Loris has become shaky and the midfield is a mess. Winks is not strong enough to play in the holding midfield position. To simplify this, it will cost a fortune to make the necessary purchases and it is too late now in the season. Levy just won’t do it, neither will he sack Poch as it would cost him too much, so what happens for the rest of the season? I cannot see things improving.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      I ball parked about £400m needed now and a further £300m to cover the next 3yrs and over £1bln to cover the next 5-6… I cant see ENIC doing this.

      • Marbella Spur says:

        Exactly, so I ask again, what is going to happen. Levy will never sanction the spending that is needed, and the squad’s value has probably halved from it’s peak.

        • Spurs est1882 says:

          Honestly – only way I see the level of investment we need is if either ENIC go (but a bid would need to be more than £2bln…so never happen) or we sell a real asset and we only have one that is going to make a dent. So we have to sell Kane, and to be honest I don’t think he will resist.

    • Chrism090861 says:

      I see where you’re coming from, but i feel that we have some solutions at the club already. I think we need a right full back, but Foyth may be the answer, seeing as he starred for Argentina in the copa America in that position. The midfield need to be re-jigged, a decision made as to who is actually going to ‘Sit’, and then winks can play fiurther forward where he is more effective. The keeper situation need addressing, hugo makes some great saves, but has become a complete liability, and he is certainly not captain material. Winks or Kane should be captain i think, or maybe one of the two CB’s.. Then we can bring in quality players where needed, just like Fergie did with Man U in his heyday, no massive changes, just replacement of players past their best !!

    • RSS61 says:

      Totally agree mate

  8. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    I mentioned the Leipzig v Lyon fix I won on, watch the goals. Again hilarious. Every time the same things. Also that group so far, Lyon were held at home by Zenit and Leipzig won in Benfica so the favourites usually fail. Zenit won last night but Benfica were similar odds.

  9. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Aluding to comments below, it is very much since WHL was demolished and we ceased playing there that things changed. I reiterate WHL WAS Tottenham and its pretty clear there’s a void now. We were awesome the last year there and after that it all went the pear way. Its what I’ve said from day one.

    We should have chained ourselves to the turnstiles.

    • Martin James says:

      I did and now I’m laying at the bottom of a pile of scrap,help!

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      The issue was the promises…Levy made it clear that Wembley was a stop gap year – the players felt it, but pushed on (we came 2nd I think?) then last year, the players had been promised would be a new dawn…it was delayed so basically a 2yr stop gap and some of the players turned from young enough to wait, to win stuff now or never… So we finally moved, and the “new dawn” was supposed to be this summer, and well…to be blunt…was the same old crap. Levy spent better than before, but the amount didn’t change, and the tactic remained the same – was all about NET spend and replacement not improvement. I think the manager and the players have simply realised that they are too old to wait another year, they need to leave ASAP or kiss their best years good bye waiting for the “new dawn” at a team that has likely missed the 3 best opportunities to capitalise on teams like city, Liverpool and united in transition.

    • mattspurs says:

      We were shit at WHL for almost 15 years

  10. RSS61 says:

    It seems to me that our slide in form has been going on for the last 2 years, since 2016/17 when we had highest goals fore and lowest goals against. Since then we have struggled to beat anybody quite honestly, and rode our luck to the CL final where we never turned up.
    Hugo has become error prone, and is in decline generally. All of our fullbacks are not good enough for a variety of reasons. Both Toby and JVT, who were outstanding 2 years ago, are in decline.None of the above issues seem to have been sorted out, and it seems to me that our defence is the biggest single problem that we face, and has resulted in Poch playing various midfield systems to try and beef up the defence, some of which have impeded our transition from defence to attack.
    Lastly I also cannot understand why on earth Kane started the CL final ahead of Moura, or why Deli is starting as he is obviously not fit, as was not Kane at the time.

    • Chrism090861 says:

      Totally agree, we were tearing teams to pieces at WHL, then we moved to Wembley and it seemed to all start to go backwards. In our last 2 seasons at WHL we chased Leicester all the way (Eventually finishing 3rd, but we were the only chasers), and then chased Chelsea, eventually finishing second. That was the time to invest in the squad and take the final step, but what did Levy do, not spend a penny for 18 months !!

  11. Jay says:

    As I’ve said the question keeps coming up. It seems as poch is learning each game. Can we continue with this. I agree lemela should of started. The flanks another issue with his formation ( still learning to be a football manager) and when he learns he’ll be off great. The goals against us was terrible but it’s really not about the goals it’s about qualifying and we’ll probably still do that.

  12. Molespurs says:

    So now levy has managed to upset the squad and also the manager trying to save money ,but getting a replacement manager and new squad members will also mean a large financial investment .why didn’t he spend at the outset .oooh yes his excuse of well I built a new stadium /shopping mall this guy is meant to be a financial wizard oh is he really I am quite sure we are able to form our own opinion of him fool springs to mind or words to that effect .

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      you ae assuming that his goals match ours! He is a property investor and has managed to break records for profit! We can see its a short lived win due to neglect, but he is a slum landlord. Buy a house, fix it up, then neglect it, accepting the reduced income each contract renewal because its cheaper than fixing the house back up again. Once its broken beyond all rentability he will either sell or start again. To him…sitting on all the money he saved over the years doing f’all…not realising the lost revenue through not make incremental improvements as the big fix up will cost more than doing it piece meal anyway. The similarities to a slum land lord are overwhelming.

  13. Chrism090861 says:

    We seem to be having a lot of ‘Great 45 minutes’ this season, the trouble is the teams we play against seem to somehow think that the game lasts for 90 minutes, plus a bit of time added on.. H, dont want to hijack your post, but some stuff really bothered me about Tuesday, apart obviously from the result. Firstly, Delle Alli starting. What the fuck has that boy done to justify a place in the starting 11, when Lamela and Lucas have been flying so far. I would venture to say that had Lamela been on the pitch in that first half we would have been home and dry by half time with the chances we created. Secondly, why was I, a 58 year old man with no experience of Pro football, screaming at the telly that we were being murdered down the flanks, and Poch was persisting with a diamond. I’ve loved Poch from day 1, but he has the Meditaranian stubborn streak that I am all too familiar with !!!!