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If This Report Is True Then Poch Is Finished
By Harry Hotspur -

“It was calm and no tea cups were thrown. The gaffer said he was happy with the first 45 minutes — and wanted us to remember that going forward.

“Of course he wasn’t happy with conceding three goals in the last seven minutes.

“But he clearly thinks it was a freak result and doesn’t want us to dwell on it too much.”

The Sun

It’d difficult to know where to start when responding to this.

When your child cycles into a lamppost and cracks their face open – because they weren’t concentrating, weren’t looking where they were going – what as a sane, responsible parent do you do?

The quotes sound like they came from Danny Rose. Sure, the wording is classic footballer speak, but the similarities with the interviews Danny gave this paper in the past are there.

Or maybe Mr Jiggins constructed this to simultaneously reassure the Levyologists, and send thinking fans into despair.

The first 45 minutes are completely irrelevant, unless being used to establish as we did yesterday, that they actually scuppered us.

This ‘focus on the positives’ stuff is counselling gibber jabber, for when you’re pleading with some bloke who’s about to jump off a multi-storey.

This squad doesn’t need counselling. This squad needs scrapping and starting again.

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