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“I would say probably quite shortly” – Tottenham expert Alasdair Gold makes exciting Son claim

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham expert Alasdair Gold believes Spurs will be giving Heung-min Son a new contract soon.

Son’s performance in the previous season fell short of his own standards, as he scored 14 goals in 47 appearances.

He acknowledged that there were various factors, including injury issues, that prevented him from delivering his optimal performances.

But this season he looks to be back to his best. Ange named him the captain of the club after Harry Kane’s departure to Bayern Munich.

He started up front for the first time against Burnley last week and scored a brilliant hat-trick to help Spurs to a 5-2 win.

And Gold believes that Tottenham will likely extend a new contract offer to Son soon. He pointed out that Son’s current contract has only a couple of years remaining, and the player’s status as a CAA Base client indicates that his agency will be involved in contract negotiations.

Gold also noted that Son’s influential presence at the club and his positive image make a contract extension a sensible move for Spurs. He suggested that Son’s global reputation and commercial value could be significant factors in the decision to offer a new deal.

While acknowledging that Son is in his thirties, Gold suggested that a one- or two-year extension would be reasonable, given the player’s current form and importance to the team.

Speaking on his YouTube channel about the Spurs captain, he said:

“I would be stunned if we don’t see a new contract offered to Son [Heung-min], I would say probably quite shortly.

“He’s only got a couple of years left, he is like I say a [CAA] Base player as well so they’ll be looking after him.

“And he’s the captain of the club, I think that would be a great move and yes he’s in his thirties but I would say another year or two on the end of that, why not?

“Terrific advert for the football club, the kind of person he is, the kind of player he is and just how just good a human being he is.

“I do think if you’re going to be really cynical, I’m sure Sonny brings in so much money for Spurs because of just the huge kind of reputation he has across the world but obviously of course across Asia.

“I’m sure the money he brings in makes a new contract a no-brainer. Whether he wants to sign it is another thing.

“I think he’s very happy right now and if you’re going to get him to commit, now is probably the time.”

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