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“I hope the manager told them not to…” One former Spur is talking pure sense again

By The Boy -

This website has always sought to hold the board at Tottenham Hotspur responsible for their actions, after all, this isn’t an ordinary side with ordinary resources… but on this occasion, the man able to make the most notable difference to our season has to be Ange Postecoglou.

Injuries are one issue, not just for Spurs but all top-flight Premier League sides, but this season, ill-discipline has played an unwelcome factor in our fortune.

Former Spur William Gallas defender has highlighted this issue in a recent interview and has understandably raised his concerns.

“It’s nice to see Spurs playing differently this season compared to recent campaigns. They started the season very well, but then they hit a downturn. This shows me that if Tottenham don’t play at their best with their strongest starting XI, Spurs will be in trouble.

The problem with Tottenham players is their experience. They take too many red cards. Christian Romero had a great last season and won the World Cup with Argentina, but he needs to be on the pitch for every game and therefore needs to control his emotions.

It’s the same with Destiny Udogie being sent off against Chelsea and Yves Bissouma receiving a red card against Nottingham Forest. They must be careful. I hope the manager told them not to make any more stupid mistakes, especially with VAR. You have to control your emotions and grow! If the great players are not there, the team will not be the same.

So we need Romero in defense, Bissouma in midfield, and Dejan Kulusevski in attack, and if they don’t have these three players on the pitch, they will have big problems. With these players on the field, they can put the big names in the championship in difficulty.”

Cristian Romero and Yves Bissouma have both become pivotal players for us and the idea that bad behaviour that results in suspensions might be glossed over as ‘high spirits’ or ‘part and parcel of the game’ is frankly embarrassing.

Our squad has become incredibly light, largely down to the inability of the board to adequately churn the squad and upgrade players that had no positive future.

Nobody wants Spurs to be a side that is utterly squeaky clean, that’s simply not part of the club’s historical DNA.

As William Gallas says, the coach needs to take charge of the boys and get them to understand the burden if responsibility they carry.


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