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“I don’t think I will” – Kylian Mbappé elaborates on Tom Holland’s request to join Spurs

By Eddie Razo -

Actor and Tottenham Hotspur supporter Tom Holland spoke with Paris Saint-Germain forward Kylian Mbappé at the Ballon d’Or ceremony. He asked the 23-year-old to join Tottenham Hotspur when his contract expires in June. 

The PSG star laughed off the question from Holland. Still, during an interview with CNN Sport, Mbappé was again asked about the possibility of joining the north London club. 

Mbappé stated that Tottenham is heading in the right direction with Antonio Conte as their manager, but don’t expect him to ever play for the club in his career. 

“I’m sure Spurs will make something good this season with Antonio Conte because he’s a great manager. So it’s good for them, but I don’t think I will play for Tottenham in my life,” Mbappé said. 

The France international’s contract expires in a few months, but there are only two realistic options for Mbappé, who will either extend his contract with the French giants or head to Real Madrid. 

Furthermore, the contract that he will command is something that Tottenham might not be able to pay. Mbappé earns a £410,000 weekly wage way more than their highest-paid player Harry Kane, who makes £200,000 a week

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Limerick AL
Limerick AL
1 year ago

More Nonsense. Holland maybe a Spurs Fan but he is somewhat deluded and that’s not surprising.

1 year ago

Some over zealous cheer leader making a mockery of the club. Maybe he said it in jest, but the tabloid mentality of our “reporters” could no resist the juice.

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