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“I certainly wouldn’t have Spurs as title contenders” Pundit doesn’t think Mourinho’s men are ready for the title
By Bruce Grove -

Ally McCoist has ruled Tottenham out of the Premier League title race this season after their 1-1 draw against Fulham.

The Lilywhites have been one of the most in-form teams in the English top-flight this season, and their early season form has seen them get tipped to win the title alongside the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.

But their form has tailed off recently, and the 1-1 draw is another two points dropped for Jose Mourinho’s men.

Harry Kane scored once again and his partnership with Son Heung-min in the Tottenham attack has been tipped to help them successfully challenge for the title.

McCoist, however, believes that the title race remains between Liverpool and Manchester City as it has been in most of the recent campaigns.

He says he isn’t completely ruling out Jose Mourinho’s men, but they are simply dropping too many points to be considered challengers.

McCoist said via Mail Sport: ‘I still think Manchester City and Liverpool are the strongest. But if you look at Liverpool’s away from and it hasn’t been good enough at all, defeats at Southampton and dropping points against West Brom at home and things like that. 

‘Manchester City are the ones who look like they’re hitting a bit of form and I think tonight is one of the reasons why I certainly wouldn’t have Spurs as title contenders. 

‘Listen, It would be crazy to rule them out, of course it would, and there’s obviously an opportunity for them to finish in the top four but there’s so many points being dropped. 

‘It’s so difficult to predict a result nowadays in this top-flight, it’s getting harder every week and for that reason you have to say the Premier race is as open this season as we’ve had in a long, long time. 

‘But it wouldn’t surprise me as we get to the business end of the season if certainly Manchester City and Liverpool kick on – and clearly Manchester United with a game coming up at the weekend, their fans will certainly be relishing the prospect of the run in.’

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34 seconds ago

Next up these same pundits will tell you all along they knew ManU was going to the lead the league if Ole just Paul Pogba to smile.

2 hours ago

Fatigue will come into the last quarter of the season, I think the way we are playing we are managing energy levels for the entire season so to hopefully burn out late March as lots of high press sides do

28 minutes ago
Reply to  Paddio

Fatigue always comes in the last 1/4 of the season, how many time have we seen the team run out of steam Bc the 2nd 11 aren’t good enough to rotate or personalities get in the way.

4 hours ago

What I’ve noticed this season is when we’ve played well pundits have claimed we’re title contenders.

When we’ve played poorly they say ‘no way, not title contenders’.

Often the same pundits.

Ask them to put the mortgage on it.

26 minutes ago
Reply to  SpursGoliath

That’s how they are paying for theirs already, Ex wanabee mouth pieces the lot.

Jim Mckevitt
Jim Mckevitt
5 hours ago

I wouldn’t be as worried except our players don’t learn from their mistakes and improve. It’s the same mistakes from mostly the same lot.

We’re still another couple of windows away from true title challengers.
Sadly our opponents will improve too. I thought Mourinho looked royally pd off as he ended the post Fulham presser. Luckily he still has plenty of hair to tear out.

6 hours ago

Ally McCoist is not far wrong.