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Hinted U-Turn In Tottenham’s Transfer Strategy Is Frankly Laughable [opinion]
By Harry Hotspur -

According to Football Insider, there it’s a fresh approach on the cards when it comes to the methodology Tottenham will employ in future transfer windows.

Sounds great. Just what the doctor ordered. No more substandard punts that brought us such iconic figures as Vlad Chiriches, Georges No’Cluedo and quite frankly a whole herd of others too numerous to mention individually or this would look less like a blog, and more like a telephone directory.

Football Insider continues in the piece with an example of such hinted seniority by fleshing out details of Willian’s possible Chelsea to Spurs metamorphosis. The only trouble is, Willian is 31. That’s not so much a player with maturity, as a player who is no longer good enough to get regular football at Stamford Bridge.

Worse yet, whoever has shared this “insider” information appears not to have much awareness of the ENIC model. Nor, one might add, the basic mechanics of the transfer market.

“Lucas Moura, Moussa Sissoko, Davinson Sanchez and Serge Aurier” are all cited as being “more expensive” signings than previous players such as Dele Alli, Son Heung-Min, Toby Alderweireld, Eric Dier and Kieran Trippier.

There’s a reason for that, and I hope you are sitting down. They were all bought years ago. Toby Alderweireld signed for Tottenham in 2015!

Before there is any ripping up of Pochettino’s master plan, one must ask, who is planning to fund this exciting expedition?

Senior players (not to be confused with ones close to retirement) aren’t cheap, and it’s not unfair comment to suggest that the Spurs’ squad is still in dire need of a number of fresh faces.

Our goal, back-line, and attack all have clear issues that have been repeatedly highlighted after most games played this season. The Express amongst many were suggesting that the budget might be stripped down to as little as £50million this summer. How many senior players does that buy these days? Approximately one, and quarter.

Mr. Levy only very recently warned that the transfer business in the summer would be impacted by the lack of Champions League football. Given that our net spend was routinely modest anyway – as per the ENIC model – this doesn’t leave much room for blueprint shredding optimism.

With 23-years of repayments ahead of us, I’m struggling to see any meaningful change in the business plan at Spurs, for a good while to come. Sorry folks, but sadly, this is laughable.

Of course, I hope to be proved wrong about the way ENIC spends on intangible assets this summer, but then that’s something that has yet to happen …since 2005.

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