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Heung Son-Min Surprises Some Korean Students
By Harry Hotspur -
Written and composed by Hee-Jin Choi

Korean football ace and captain Son Heung-min gave lectures to middle and high school students as a surprise instructor in the sports career search program ‘Dream KFA’ hosted by the Korean Football Association.

Son Heung-min surprised everyone, and the moment of the lecture and the contents of the lecture were included in the sports mug.

Son Heung-min returned to South Korea after finishing the 32nd round of the FA Cup Round of 32 on June 16 with no schedule scheduled for the Aston Villa and Premier League round 26.

During my stay in Korea, I gave advice from the experience to teenagers who dreamed of becoming a sports-related profession after attending Dream KFA. The 25 students who participated in the program were astonished at the surprise appearance of Son Heung-min.

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    • Tappaspur says:

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  9. Panama Paul says:

    Nice to see Sonny giving a pep talk to some aspiring draft dodgers in his time off. See Kids, perseverance pays off.

  10. James McKevitt says:

    Something lost in translation I think.