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Report: Heung Son-Min Fires His Agent
By Harry Hotspur -

Sonny has parted ways with his management agency, Sports United, according to Naver Sports.

Courtesy of a native reader on the Reddit platform, the suggestion is that Son’s camp are claiming that the South Korean never actually had a formal, long-term contract with Sports United. Despite representing the 27-year-old for the last decade.

Which does sound a rather ambitious claim, but who knows?

The beef would appear to be the purchase of Sports United by ANDU Entertainment, a Korean company specializing in agency for TV dramas, recently purchased Sports United.

The story goes… Son was never told about Sports United being acquired or the discussions taking place. Sonny found out about the agreement 1 month after it had already been made, and sent the Sports United CEO a note letting them know that he had zero interest in working with ANDU Entertainment.

Sports United allegedly misrepresented matters to Sonny and told him that if he didn’t want to work with ANDU, then Sports United would decline ANDU’s offer. (At this point, Sports United had already signed the offer and received 50% of the payment.)

On 11/12, ANDU Entertainment, the company that purchased Sports United, held a conference with their investors.

Again, the suggestion is that the agency bragged to investors that they were opening a sports agency department and that Son was their new & hot property.

They told investors that they had already contracted for Son to be in 13 commercials, which Son’s camp again are entirely contesting.

Son sent NU Entertainment a note saying basically, “If you attempt to use my image, I’ll sue you.”

This of course is unlikely to stop numerous outlets declaring the beginning of the end of Sonny’s time at Spurs.

Steve Nicol has already urged the Spurs man to join Liverpool.

As the phrase goes, there are three sides to every story, yours mine and the truth.

Spurs fans, brace yourselves.

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