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Heung-Min Son In Numbers vs Mexico | images
By Harry Hotspur -

Heung-Min Son’s performance for South Korea was in some ludicrous invention of my own mind the direct opposite of Harry Winks’ for England. Both Tottenham players ended up on the losing side in their respective matches, yet Sonny was completely involved in trying to improve the situation. Whilst I appreciate that Sonny is a more attack minded player, what is a frankly a struggle to comprehend is precisely what Harry Winks is supposed to do, in order to aid whoever he’s playing for, to win? Heung-Min Son is an asset to any side he plays for,


2 Key passes.

1 Assist.

2 Shot assists.

3 Successful dribbles.

4 Successful progressive runs.

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1 year ago

Could you tell me where you found the images including Son’s heat map

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