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Heung-min Son breaks silence on Rodrigo Bentancur controversy

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham striker Heung-min Son has addressed the recent controversy involving his teammate Rodrigo Bentancur.

The issue arose when Bentancur jokingly made an inappropriate comment during an interview, which was widely perceived as a racial slur.

The Uruguayan midfielder’s remark, made in response to a request for Son’s kit, insinuated that all Asians look alike, igniting outrage among fans and the football community.

Bentancur made a public apology to his friend on social media, admitting that it was a bad joke, even if he meant no offence.

And now Heung-min Son, who also serves as Tottenham’s captain, addressed the situation on social media.

He explained that he had a constructive conversation with Bentancur, during which his teammate expressed sincere remorse for his actions.

The South Korean international emphasised that Bentancur did not intend to offend and highlighted the importance of moving past the incident together.

Son reassured fans that Bentancur acknowledged his mistake and apologised. He stressed that their relationship remains strong and that they are united in their commitment to the team.

As quoted by the London World, Son stated:

“I’ve spoken with Lolo. He made a mistake, he knows this and has apologised.

“Lolo would not mean to ever intentionally say something offensive. We are brothers and nothing has changed at all. We’re past this, we’re united, and we will be back together in pre-season to fight for our club as one. Sonny.”

Son’s response underscored the strength of their relationship and their shared dedication to Tottenham.


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