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“He finishes players!” Jamie O’Hara Pulls No Punches On Mourinho|video

By The Boy -

Jamie O’Hara believes that Dele Alli, Gareth Bale, and Davinson Sanchez all look finished under Mourinho… yet at the same time, many of the players are underperforming.

The absence of desire is clear for all to see from all the lost leads this season, but ought Mourinho be getting more out of his players – after all he is on £15million a year? Well for some, this may come as a shock, but the players are also being paid a small fortune – so when does their self-respect kick in?

It’s all very well and good Jamie Redknapp bleating ‘look at the players’ as if we have a squad of world-beaters. Do they really need to be asked nicely to do what they are paid for?

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3 years ago

I love Ledley he’s a club legend but he is also our defensive coach so not sure what is going on at spurs. We all know, apart from our defensive players rodon and reg who are both quality, the rest are shocking and constantly making errors. Our squad need a good clear out whoever our manager is as I can’t see it being Jose.
I personally believe the likelihood will be a new manager is brought in as paying £25million to Jose is cheaper than a complete overhaul and once again certain players that have thrown poch and now Jose under the bus will get another chance of refinding their form such as Aurier, Sissoko Alle,Sanchez, Davis, Doherty amongst others thus saving levy loads as he will bring in Boateng on a free and tge Serbian melenkovic who I think is also out of contract in the summer. Thus the cycle of money scrimping penny pinching, levy promises of future investment comes round again. Let’s be honest it’s actually cheaper to pay off poch and pay off Jose than its is to actually overhaul the squad which potentially could cost £100,000 plus millions. Levy is very clever and a shrewd business man who puts owners/shareholders profits including his own £2million bonus above the succes of the footballing successes

3 years ago

I’m not sure what Spurs (Levy) paid out in performance bonuses the previous 2 seasons before the 20/21 season?? He must be licking his lips after most games this season and saying well that is another couple of million pounds saved.
Jamie and a lot of spurs supporters have been saying the same thing about certain players underperforming. If only soccer were a normal business where players were given written warnings for non-performance and had in their contracts a clause stating their wages would be docked accordingly.
But I guess then that the legal people would be having a field day defending their players and we all know who comes out the richer when such matters go to court. 🙂

Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
3 years ago

Hugo Lloris is just 9 games away from topping our record premier league appearances.. Darren Anderton is leading the way, not bad for a sicknote.. Hugo deserves a trophy before he goes…… Ledley King played 13 more games than Sol Judas Campbell for us… We could do with Ledders or Campbell right now.. Quality centre backs.

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