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Harry Kane Video And Analysis vs Austria

By Harry Hotspur -

The England captain only managed to get one shot away – on the 29th minute – in what was perhaps a tougher than expected run out against Austria. Thankfully, Gareth Southgate subbed Kane after just an hour.

Total actions / successful

Elsewhere, Harry put in a decent enough performance with a 57% total actions / successful, which is decent for his position.

Passes / accurate

75% is very good for passing accuracy, but we can see from the map above that Harry wasn’t involved as much as he would have wanted to be, despite playing in a number 9 role. Pundits are still having problems accepting this role, which is very strange given his success rate with goals and assists at Spurs.

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1 year ago

Sadly this is a perfect summing up of the current situation and has gone on before.

Our Daniel is a weird c**t and it makes you question his values in life. Somebody really should tell him you can’t take it with you…… but I bet he he working on that one as we speak.

On the Conte saga there was some story that wolf eyes would only take the job if Kane is guaranteed to stay. Let’s see how Levy spins that one to him.

Ps a leopard never changes its spots

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