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Harry Kane hints at an interesting career shift after retirement as he prepares for life after football

By Mehdi Gokal -

Tottenham Hotspur legend Harry Kane has recently hinted at a surprising career shift after retirement.

The striker has already began thinking about life after football revealing that he has started being involved in a few projects.

In an interview with Football 365, Kane disclosed his interest in the business realm, emphasising the need to explore opportunities that extend beyond his footballing days. He revealed that he is already the co-owner of a sustainable headphones and electronics brand, Our Pure Planet (OPP), and expressed his passion for ventures contributing positively to the planet’s well-being.

And his aspirations extend beyond mere financial involvement. He claims that he wants to be part of projects that make a real difference. He likes that OPP is not just about making money but also about helping the environment for a long time.

He said:

“I have become more interested in business and what I would like to get involved in when my football career is finished.

“You want something that will keep you busy when your career ends because football is not a long career and you have another half of your life after that to think about.

“You want to learn new things, get involved in projects that interest you and hopefully Our Pure Planet is not just something that will last for a couple of years.

“Making a little difference in the world is important and it felt like a good fit.

“We all need to learn more about being greener and leaving the planet in a better place than it is now. It is something I want to learn more about.”

“It is hard to pick the right projects to be associated with.

“You also want to be a part of something that is moving forward in the future.

“It’s not just about signing up for a product, getting paid for a year or two and walking away from it.

“I want to be involved in projects that have a bit more longevity and that’s what OPP offered me.”

He is not the first player to venture out after retirement. In fact, many top athletes tend to own or invest in various businesses after their playing days.

Kane spent nearly 20 years at Tottenham and has broken a number of goal scoring records but he has not been able to win any silverware yet.

This was the sole motivation behind his move to Germany as a move to Bayern guarantees him to add silverware to his otherwise illustrious career.

And he has been incredible for Bayern in his debut season, scoring 18 goals and assisting 5 in 12 league games. He has also scored 4 and assisted two in 5 Champions League games.

As Harry Kane tries new things beyond football, his work with Our Pure Planet shows he’s serious about making a positive impact when he’s done with the game.

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