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Harry Hotspur’s ? Stats Analysis Confirmed By Balague

By The Boy -

It’s pleasing to discover that my Opta stat mining has not been in vain.

? Stats provides evidence based facts that aid us as we scything through the subjective doodling that tends to pollute

Balague writing for the BBC agrees that the chances created have simply been few and far between.





Also that the massive issue for Kane has been the dismally poor level of service from the Tottenham midfield.


Instead of Dele Alli and Lucas Moura operating as shadow-strikers, Kane could really do with more players behind him creating some solid support to fuel his chances up front.

When searching for the shortfall in the team, it doesn’t take very long to identify what the problems are.

The core area of concern is our midfield, and so its little wonder that Eric Dier has taken a bit of a hammering lately.

This algebra is true.


Ballague continues: “Eventually you begin to wonder if actually Spurs are more of a perception than a reality. Are they as good as people have made them out to be? Because if they are, then we are now at the stage where we should be seeing more evidence of their prowess.”

This ALL stems back to Tottenham having bizarrely refused to add a smattering of talent to the squad during the summer.

As ever ever, all paths of misery lead to the same man.

Resign, mate.

Just go. please….




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