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‘hard to that in every game’: Former star warns Tottenham need tactical change to finish in top four

By Saikat -

Former Tottenham Hotspur defender William Gallas has urged the club to employ a tactical change that could help them secure a top-four finish.

Tottenham have played a free-flowing attacking brand of football this season. While they have impressed with their attacking philosophy, they have paid the price for it at times as well.

Gallas believes that their high-intensity attacking football is difficult to sustain in every game and therefore Tottenham will need to switch things up depending on games and opposition.

The former defender believes that Tottenham should take a more cautious approach depending on the situation so that they can grind out crucial points. Recently Tottenham crashed to defeat against Wolves and the Molineux outfit took advantage of Tottenham’s attacking tendencies and exploited the gaps at the back.

He said (h/t ToTheLaneAndBack)“I think Tottenham’s defeat against Wolves has shown me that Tottenham must be careful if they want to finish in the top four. I think they need to be careful with the way that they play. We all know the system – the high line – and they were playing so well at the beginning of the season playing high and pressing the opponent with a lot of intensity,”

“Physically, it’s hard to that in every game. Maybe Tottenham have to make some tactical changes because all of the teams in the Premier League know how they play. When you look at the goal that Tottenham conceded on the counter-attack, that is not good. They concede the goal on 63 minutes. If Tottenham keep getting caught out, they will give away a lot of chances and they will drop a lot of points.”

“It takes a lot of effort to play Ange Postecoglou’s brand of football. It is a very demanding strategy physically. It’s not easy to play very high and you lose a lot of energy. I think that Tottenham can still surprise teams this season, but they may need to make some minor tweaks going forward to do so.”

Tottenham cannot afford to drop points at this stage of the season and they will have to be more careful defensively. It will be interesting to see if Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou is willing to modify his system.

Gallas believes that Tottenham will benefit from a more pragmatic approach at times. Tottenham will be desperate for Champions League qualification at the end of the season and remains to be seen whether they can finish the season strongly.

There is no doubt that they have a top quality squad, but they will need to be more consistent in the coming weeks.

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