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Guest Blog: This Fan Wants Far More Heat Aimed At ENIC
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to PaulSpurs for this

“Some of you seriously need to wake up. So many posts having a go at Mourinho’s style of play and the job he’s doing.

Stop, think and then maybe write a post but to just hammer out nonsense criticizing the new gaffer is farcical. He’s been there for 3 months, inherited a stagnated squad of overachievers that have been underperforming for so long that they know no other way.

Our ONLY striker is injured, our first choice central midfield pairing is injured, his first-choice left-back is injured.

Levy doesn’t buy players and most of you accept that because “the stadium”. Then I read how so many of you complaining about tactics. What the hell does Mourinho really have to work with right now?!

Seriously he’s just a man, not the second coming, he can’t turn guano into silver. José needs to have a good 3 windows to be judged and in those windows, he needs financial backing. ”

HH says: Impossible to disagree with a solitary word. I fondly remember calling out ENIC for what they so obviously were – and being pilloried for my troubles.

Now we hire one of the most accredited coaches in the world and still fans deflect their frustrations away from the Investment Company that runs us.

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40 responses to “Guest Blog: This Fan Wants Far More Heat Aimed At ENIC”

  1. DannyG says:

    Good article. We need to give the manager our backing, why make it more difficult by slating him? He’s got as good a shot as anyone of winning something with us.

  2. James McKevitt says:

    If Lo Celso and N’Dombele prove they’re up to the job, the rebuild could be quicker. We have either a top class right or centre back in Japhet potentially. We have Davies and Sessegnon at left back. We will get a striker because we have to. Right back and defensive midfielder are the places we need help. We have two decent goalkeepers. There is something to work with.

    • David Dillenberg says:

      What we need is the electricity of a side comprising the likes of world class Kevin De Bruyne who can spot a defensive splitting pass with unerring accuracy!!

      • James McKevitt says:

        Sort of like a Modric.

        • David Dillenberg says:

          Yep when truth be known we have never adequately replaced Modric and Bale and to a lesser extend Moussa Dembele.

          • David Dillenberg says:

            IMO Le Celso and N’Dombele are not the solutions!

          • Brian Fisher says:

            This team is far, far better than it was in the Modric/Bale days. We are struggling with both injuries and attitudes. We need to rebuild the sense of team; Get Son, Dele, Moura, Lamela, Sessegnon and LoCelso playing as an offensive unit. We need to blow out the non-contributing negative influences (Rose especially) and we will improve as soon as Eriksen has physically moved on. (He already left mentally.) Nathan Ake would be a great addition at this stage. N’Dombele, LoCelso Tanganga, and Sessegnon are going to become great Stars.

      • Marbella Spur says:

        For the record, Mourinho sold De Bruyne and Salah when he was the Chelsea manager.

  3. Willie! says:

    A modern manager will only be around 2-5yr, if you don’t like how they play, hold on a minute and someone else will be along to replace them soon enough. We’re in a rebuild of sorts, Jose is pragmatic enough to get results with whatever is at his disposal during the chaotic time until we’ve got a settled, obvious first XI. We’re still a RB, LB, CB, DM and #10 away from that point. So, what..3 windows? 2 years? 3yrs? Maybe having a manager who’s a pragmatist and relies on an intuitive, chaotic attacking style in his teams instead of intricate pre-set patters…,maybe that’s well suited to a time of squad churn and rebuilding that probably lasts 2yrs. I guess we’re going to find out.

  4. JimmyGrievance says:

    There’s a new word out there now. Woke ! Well it’s new to me.

    Your Levyologist sums up this word in its entirety I’m sick of being told Stadium revenues are going to launch us to superstardom. We’re doing it the right way. Be careful what you wish for ! You ENIC out lot are thick you don’t know how good we’ve got it …. blah blah

    ENIC out

  5. James McKevitt says:

    See Rashford is out for three months at least, one less challenger for fourth place, Leicester going backwards, maybe Chelsea will implode as the Amazon show demands a happy ending for Spurs.

  6. James McKevitt says:

    Has anybody a realistic figure of how much we’d need to spend to close the gap on Liverpool and City remembering that they’ll strengthen again in the summer if not this month and considering the state we’re in?

  7. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Jose was brought in for one reason. PR.
    A star face to make the TV show appealing and charismatic singer for the Levy hymn sheet.

  8. James McKevitt says:

    Look at it from ENIC’s point of view, why spend more on the team when they achieved success without having to. They might spend if that way of operating no longer works. Who knows?

  9. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Levy should run a weekly competition. Each week a client reference number gets to pick the team. That way he can save money and pay the stadium off and there will be no manager wanting signings…..only the fans but who gives a f%#k about them right?

  10. ronan1882 says:

    No reason to believe 3 transfer windows will see Mourinho surpass what poch achieved with the PL’s lowest net spend. Mourinho was allowed 400 mill to spend at Man U and was fired for leaving them closer to the relegation places than the top.

    Levy knew that – and about the sackings by Chelsea and Madrid – but still appointed him, having sacked the massively overachieving poch for being proved right.

    So yes, the buck does indeed stop with levy, someone being exposed as a myth by owners of clubs like liverpool and leicester.

  11. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    Why did so many expect Mourinho to magically turn the team into winners then?

  12. Marbella Spur says:

    I have a theory which is akin to one of conspiracy. Once the naming rights are secured, they will pay the interest on the debt of 650 mill. Mourinho has been hired as a stopgap in the hope that Levy can avoid spending any meaningful money on recruitment until the club is sold. Poch finally saw through Levy’s Machiavellian arts and finally understood that he had no intention of strengthening the team to really challenge for honours. Enic and Levy are a disgrace but although it might be wishful thinking, my guess is that they are readying themselves to sell the club.

    • Billy the yid says:

      I’d love to believe that but I can’t see them going til they have milked every last penny out of it, which I hope I’m wrong, but they smell the TV money begin to dwindle. As H says, it’s an investment company. The clues in the title.

    • Andy says:

      I think you’re correct but the way Levy overvalues assets mean it could be years of negotiations.

  13. Tappaspur says:

    You’re wasting your time mate.

  14. Billy the yid says:

    I feel sorry for Jose in alot of ways. I truly believe he will be lied to, or just plain ignored much as most if not all his predecessors were. These are facts. Clive Allen’s book, avbs comments, and I bet poch will have a similar story in due course. There’s a nagging thought in my head tho that Jose is using spurs to get used to working with his new team of backroom staff before saying adios to Dan the man and heading back to Madrid. Think most of us would agree it would be hard to begrudge him, and the irony of someone doing that to Dan would be highly amusing. There’s only one thread that runs through the entire 2 decades, and it’s the parasites known as enic. Loan deals for kids isn’t building anything at all, it’s like every move is a reaction, never proactive.

    • Jonathan Hurst says:

      It goes back many managers ago aswell read how Martin jol told cameroni/Levi we needed a CB cm and another defensive midfielder I think and we got Darren bent woohoo few months later we got Ramos lol

      • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

        And Hoddle.

      • Billy the yid says:

        Yeah I read something about that also. Yet we still have fans who will not have a word said against. How much evidence do they need that success is gonna be measured in an accountant office not in trophies

        • Jonathan Hurst says:

          I know every step forward this club had taken has been pegged back by them!!!

          • Billy the yid says:

            It’s like we have stumbled onto poch having a good idea what to do, at the same time the big guns struggled, and that helped us to move up the pecking order, but I’ve said it so many times in here I despair, but why did that stadium need to be built? Liverpool have shown how it needed to happen if the measure of success is trophies. The stadium is now basically real estate in London, and anyone who believes it’s there to help spurs needs a jacket that fastens at the back. It is possible to still love spurs and hate enic, and there’s an argument to say the people that calm us negative are the real problem because they arw accepting mediocrity, we want better