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Graham Roberts Made Repeated Online Threats To Spurs Fan

By The Boy -

Graham Roberts was a highly regarded Spurs player that went from disenfranchised obscurity from THFC – flogging signed photos on the High Road from a trellis table with the humourless Micky Hazard, to being ushered into the club’s corporate fold – arguably about 20 years too late.

Sadly, it appears you can take a man off of the cobbles, but you cannot entirely rid a man of the street mentality.

Revered hard man Graham Roberts, now 59 years old lost the run of himself on social media and repeatedly threatened a 22 year old Tottenham fan.

The online flashpoint came after Spurs’ muddled loss against Inter in last nights Champion’s League game.

There was a considerable amount of two and fro with fans commenting generally on Twitter, which came to a head when Roberts and Hazard were accused of towing the company line in respect of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.


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Direct messages were exchanged, and the verified Twitter account of Graham Roberts revealed he was clearly very angry.

The young fan was not just shocked with the threats, but wanted to know how Roberts was planning to confront him at Spurs’ next European game away to Barcelona!

Spurs fan @GeorgeCOYS was understandably concerned to discover if the THFC representative had pulled illicit strings at THFC to locate him at the impending Spurs vs Barcelona game on October 3rd.

This was despite numerous attempts to placate the former defender who is famously quoted for saying he’d ‘walk through walls’ for Spurs.

Having perhaps ‘slept on it’, Graham Roberts decided to publish an apology the following morning.

After incurring what the fan felt were numerous unstable and aggressive communications, the apology was declined.

It will be interesting to see what action THFC take after this unseemly business.





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