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“Get them out of the club, get rid of them. Get them off the wage bill” This pundit absolutely smashes into Tottenham stars
By Bruce Grove -

Tottenham’s performance in their match against NS Mura last night displeased Jamie O’Hara and he tore into Antonio Conte’s flops after the game.

The former Tottenham star had expected them to slaughter the Slovenian minnows in the match.

That never happened and the hosts even took a surprising early lead before Harry Kane equalised in the second half.

Mura eventually scored the winning goal with the last kick of the game to stun Spurs.

It was a terrible night for every Tottenham fan and O’Hara couldn’t hold back in the Sky Sports studio.

“It’s one of the worst performances I’ve seen from Spurs in a long, long time,” O’Hara raged. 

“All the players are miles off it and when I mean miles off it, they shouldn’t even be in a Spurs shirt how poor this performance is. It’s absolutely shocking. They should be ashamed of themselves.

“These are a Slovenian top-flight side, I’d expect a National League team to give these a game, it has been a disgrace.

“Some of the players – and I’ll name them as well – Doherty, Ndombele, Dele Alli, Davinson Sanchez were absolutely shocking. They should be ashamed of their performances tonight. I don’t think you’ll see a few of these in a Spurs shirt ever again.

“These players are strolling around the park like they are dismissing this game, like they are too good to play in it. Disgrace. An absolute disgrace from some of them.

“Get them out of the club, get rid of them. Get them off the wage bill, we don’t want them there. Do you think Antonio Conte is going to stand for this?”

The Boy Hotspur Says

O’Hara is right. This Tottenham squad needs a major overhaul if we are to make significant progress.

Conte is the third manager most of them have worked under in two years and it is clear to see now that the players are the problem and not their coaches.

Just as the club acts fast to change bosses, now is the time to flog most of our current players.

Some should leave as early as the January transfer window, while the rest follow them in the summer.

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Lilywhite without the II
Lilywhite without the II
1 month ago

I hope I never see Doherty in a S….no, I hope a never see Doherty ever again…ever

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
1 month ago

The “competition” is pointless. A total joke, it was always going to be a sh%t show hiding to nothing. There’s zero motivation in these losers anyway and add Auntie Mura in the Euro conference to the mix and that motivation shrinks further into nothingness. They were probably making someone a few bob, dunno what price Auntie was but I imagine it was wholesome. Sports a load of dung now anyway.

Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
1 month ago

I agree. This competition is at the very least as embarrassing as our recent performance in it. Both a complete joke. Makes the Ropey look like it has gravitas.

Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
1 month ago

I noticed that.
The Conference is talked about now in the same way the Europa was a few years back (Ropey).
I dream of the days we were in the Europa.

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