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Quite what sort of game we’re in for tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Whoever thought a 12 noon kick off was a good idea needs their head looking at. Anyone who thinks that booze will not be consumed for breakfast have obviously never noticed how busy airport bars are in first thing in the morning.

Newcastle have to be one of the most unpredictable sides in the league. Their results so far this season don’t reveal very much. They were insipid against an amateurish Sunderland, yet managed to emphatically beat Chelsea.

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It hasn’t been easy for us to try and break in behind but we will persist as this is the way we want to move forward. Hopefully we can one day manage to do more combinations that will lead to more goals being created.

It is very, very difficult for a team to hold on defensively due to the amount of time we have the ball. They have to make a great physical effort that eventually you manage to get in. It happened again against Sheriff, we had so much of the ball in the first half and created so much that I think in the second half they tired and we got in to more space to score the goals.

It is not easy to find the spaces, you need people to start taking on opponents to start unlocking them. We need to take risks, unlocking defences is probably a part of our game where we have to work.”

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Whatever strategy works for them is fine. We just have to make sure we are up to our level, we weren’t for example in the game against West Ham, we hope to be solid and create as much as we can.

I’m not sure what their strategy will be, Newcastle have a great team full of gifted, technical players so I expect them to play against us.

They are a very, very difficult team to predict their starting XI, they have lots of quality options and they have been trying different types of formation, even with a false striker. Alan is a manager who prepares well for the games so it won’t be easy for us.

They come here with a victory, the highest morale-boosting victory possible and they will come here full of motivation and it won’t be in any way easy for us.

They have lots of good, good players but overall I think they will have the motivation of beating Chelsea and coming now to play this game against us.”




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