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Gedson Fernandes Medical Done
By Harry Hotspur -

According to Sky Sports, Gedson Fernandes is on the brink of being announced as a Tottenham player, after completing a medical yesterday.

This is a loan deal with an option to buy the 21-year-old for Β£56million.

The lad would appear not to have featured in the last 7 Benfica matches. This may be an opportunity for JosΓ© Mourinho to earn his corn.

Gedson, (agent?) and his proud father at Spurs vs Chelsea

This image recently emerged on social media, showing Gedson watching Spurs getting beaten at home by Chelsea, which would appear to not have deterred the lad from signing up.


Despite the desperate need for fresh meat in the Spurs squad, this transfer does feel a little underwhelming.

The Wrong Fernandes makes for a cheap byline, but it might also be true. Bruno Fernandes arguably a more obvious buy – given the need to improve our leaky backline.

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40 responses to “Gedson Fernandes Medical Done”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    Another one of clasford sterling MBE broardwater FC boys just gone. Theiry green 10 years old is now on Tottenhams books. Good luck son. Come back and see us😊 you can imagine how happy his parents are. Big up daddy Morris.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Oh. Try get some academy tickets sonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      • Tappaspur says:

        Haringey and clasford clashing. Clasford asked Nike (connections from the spurs Nike adverts) about some funding for a girls football team thingy he’s starting (under 11s) Nike said sure but we’ll have to go through Haringey council. Anyway the clowns put forward some rubbish program and Nike said no. Clasford gets to see the proposal thingy and thought this is rubbish, not enough fun in it and too much like school. He then comes up with own thingy. Nike loved it and gave him the Β£65.000. Haringey council now vex with clasford πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ clasford don’t care. He’s been dealing with fools and obstacles all his life. The MBE carries weight. They hate itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. James McKevitt says:

    Deloitte have published their Football money League we’re eighth, eighty million behind Liverpool, the top six is Barca, Real, City United, PSG, Bayern. We’re ahead of Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, Atletico Madrid. We turned over about Β£520 million.
    Yet we give the impression we’re on our uppers haggling over everything, low balling our players, we actually asked Llorente to take a twenty five per cent pay cut to stay as a reward for helping us to get to a Champions League Final. Just embarrassing, like the kid that has to go to school in hand me down clothes, while their parents have millions in the bank.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Joe shoulda chucked money at spurs years ago. He never. He certainly won’t be chucking them any of his personal fortune now the club is making a fortune itself. We don’t need his money now anyway. We can make our own. All we need for him to do is stick to the amount he’s is taking now then leave us to grow on the bigger money we’ll be making in the future. Please Joe man. Don’t increase the “rinsing

  3. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Who the fcuk is gedson? Another punt in levys deal of the week? Marquee signings are what we need right now. Buying second rate players our club refuses to wise up. Levy is in cuckoo land if he carries on buying all these rubbish players and expects silverware.

  4. Sid Trotter says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this Fernandes. Yes he’s got a fellow Portuguese as manager which will help the boy, plus he’s in the national team, but I’m also reading he is one for the future (yet again). So time will tell. Unfortunately the problems we have require immediate resolution, rather than a future one. But I’m happy to be proved wrong and hope the lad is good and hits the ground running (though not literally as the medical staff have a lot on their plate already)

  5. James McKevitt says:

    The lad looked useful from the highlight reel, has pace, can pass, shoot, take frees and penalties, very right footed. Hard to tell the quality of the opposition though, and the PL is a big step up. If it’s true Bruno was signed but the deal didn’t happen because Eriksen didn’t leave I think we’re going to regret that.
    Once again buying players who aren’t fit to help us right now makes the rebuild slower. Bruno would help us right now not in two years. Maybe the players we really want aren’t available until the summer. I tell myself that to keep my hopes up.

  6. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    The lad has fallen out with his manager at Benfica and can’ get in their team. Hopefully we are not getting a player with attitude problems. I suppose it wouldn’t be a Spurs signing if there wasn’t a back story or some sort of baggage

  7. Leslie Crawford says:

    I don’t understand how signing Bruno Fernandes would help our leaky back line as the article suggests. Bruno would be a replacement for Eriksen who never did anything defensive never mind tackle where as Gedson Fernandes is a replacement for the injured Sissoko.

    • Eleventstonedidiots says:

      I tend to disagree. While he’s not the sort to be throwing himself into tackles and breaking up play, Eriksen in his pomp did cover a serious amount of ground plugging gaps and linking play between defence and attack.

      • Leslie Crawford says:

        Gedson is the sort who will chase and throw himself into tackle with pleasure Eriksen always shied out of any 50/50,different players altogether,different positions.

    • James McKevitt says:

      Attack being the best form of defence, he’s a goal machine for a midfielder. If he goes to United watch him fly. We are going to regret this big time.

      • Leslie Crawford says:

        Ossie tried that and if your defence is busted it doesn’t work. Would you happily pay the Β£64m upfront for Bruno or replace the leaky defence with players to replace,Rose,Aurier and Vertonghen.Lo Celso given time will come good he was one of the best play makers in la liga last season.He needs to be starting now instead of Eriksen.

        • James McKevitt says:

          Can’t disagree, but we’re in this situation because of mismanagement. Defence and midfield needed attention two years ago. We’re firefighting now instead of improving our team window by window. We’re one of the richest clubs in the world, in the top ten. But you don’t get that impression.

          • Tappaspur says:

            We’ve only been it the top ten “in the milking of a cash cow. How long did It take to milk a cow back then? Dunno😁

  8. Marbella Spur says:

    I implore all contributors on this site to read Ian Herbert’s column on Spurs in today’s Daily Mail. The headline is “Tottenham-paying-price-bargain-bucket-club-despite-making-443-year”. As I mentioned yesterday, I think the MSM is waking up to the fact that Levy is mismanaging the football side of the business. This article lays bare Levy’s penny wise pound foolish strategy in the transfer market. He specifically mentions this signing as an example of a player that Liverpool would never look at, and he also writes that Levy is valuing Kyle Walker-Peters at Β£12 mill, unsurprisingly there are no takers at this valuation.

    • mikey hughes says:

      Levy is an idiot, which would be fine if he wasn’t in such a position of power – he runs our club like a dictator. The problem is he really believes he knows what he’s doing. Arrogance and idiocy in the same person is a very worrying trait.

    • ronan1882 says:

      Yes, good article. It’s a situation the rest of football views with clear, honest eyes. But on spurs podcasts, etc, the true culprits can never be acknowledged. Instead, the falling away is all down to contract rebels or poch losing the dressing room (and glory is still just around the corner.)