Date: 7th November 2018 at 12:26pm
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This kid is the real deal.

If I was slow to embrace him, it’s because I’m an evidence based guy, and not some dumb dumb wanting to ‘get behind’ and cheer with my last breath the next haircut that strolls in wearing the shirt.

I’ve witnessed the slow decay of Hugo, and not so much the final straw as the final clue was watching the penalties against Wolves.

It wasn’t the fact they went in.

It was spectre of Paul Robinson that made my blood run cold, as the World Cup Winner fell over twice, in an almost completely unrelated manner to the shots that were struck.

Kindly refer to the Paul Robinson Bumper Book Of Boys Barrel Rolls for further details.

To upgrade our goalie would show more wisdom than it would bravery.

When your car tyres wear thin, you don’t say to the person on reception, ‘I’ve just popped in to be brave and have tyre replaced’, do you?

A side benefit of course would be to force the appointment of an outfield captain – opposed to taking direction from a French mime artist.

Win win.