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Gareth Bale on £172,000 pwk at Spurs is immensely doable
By Harry Hotspur -

Matt Law for The Telegraph understands that the special relationship between Real Madrid and Tottenham could finally awake from its slumber this summer and see the Spanish giants do us a favour back, after all these years of one-way traffic goodwill.

Should Real Madrid find it acceptable for Gareth Bale to return to Tottenham on loan, paying 50 per cent of his wages, whilst simultaneously being agreeable to Dele Alli heading on loan to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, with the Spanish paying all of his wages, then this is deal made in paradise.

As we discussed previously, Bale’s wages were just out of reach, as even half price wages would still leave Tottenham looking down the back of the sofa for £272,000 each week. However, with the removal of Dele Alli’s reported £100,000 a week, this suddenly means Bale would ‘only cost’ £172,000 a week. This is incredibly doable, especially for a player of his stature.

Bear in mind, whilst we all get frustrated when moves for players like Callum Wilson fall by the wayside, no matter what levels of desperation we are suffering, there is a cut off point when it comes to how much anyone is going to pay for a striker is who in truth, is at best mediocre.

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