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From Inside The Club: It’s Probably Over As Poch + 2 Stars Set To Quit
By Harry Hotspur -

This tale will be no surprise to many of you reading this, however this blog will exercise extreme caution is respect of how allegations are made.

A series of screen shots doing the rounds on social media does not conclusive evidence make.

Unlike the television show, ‘Have I Got News For You’, one can neither broadcast nor publish unsubstantiated rumours, by adding ‘allegedly’ to the end of a sentence.

To which end, extensive enquiries have been made before going to print on this.

The Harry Hotspur blog now understands from two rock solid sources close to the club, that the bad atmosphere at Tottenham was down to what has been described to this blog as an irreparable bust up within the dressing room.

Had it not been for a second source from within the extended reaches of the ENICsphere coming forward, this blog wouldn’t have commented.

Think of the NFL fiasco when Levy bungled it in New York. Only this blog had sources on both sides of the Atlantic.

Only this blog delivered that. And still, Levy is clutching his 2 games per seasons deal.

Some details may possibly come out in what is now called the ‘mainstream media’, who knows.

Suffice it to say, there has been a betrayal of trust involving a first team player’s partner, and that betrayal has not just been taken badly by the player himself, but by teammates.

Per recent ITK on the Harry Hotspur, the esprit de corps has gone. Kaput. Finito.

Looking for names? Look amongst the players that have refused to extend their contracts.

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