Date: 18th January 2019 at 8:57am
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If you haven’t seen it, I have to recommend to you ‘After The Screaming Stops’, the Bros documentary.

Spinal Tap was very good, but to use footballing parlance, Matt and Luke Goss just seemed to want it more.

I pray that there is a fly on the wall documentary being made about the redevelopment of White Hart Lane.

Given Levy’s freakish decision to name an executive suite after himself, perhaps a good working title might be, ‘I, Stadium‘.

Sources close to the club have told the Harry Hotspur blog that the delay in getting the New Destination are likely to rumble on.

Safety critical elements of the build are still in a state of total disrepair; a situation that has not eased despite the project now being many months overdue and many hundreds of millions over budget.

There was a plan to use fire marshals as an interim strategy and it is my understanding that this has been vetoed by the London Fire Brigade.

Additionally, there are newly revealed software issues with the troubled fire safety elements of the ground.

The reason the public are being spoon fed updates, is because that is what the club are getting from the firm working on and off site.

Oh, and whole thing about it looking like a toilet seat from above is now something which the club has under consideration as an issue to be addressed, even if the solution is only a cosmetic one.

The funniest bit however is that there’s a reason the in-stadium camera service has been disrupted.

Urban foxes have been getting in at night and enjoying astroturf suppers.

The full extent off the damage is unknown, but it was significant enough for the club to try and keep out of the public domain.