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Forza Hotels.com! [video]

By The Boy -

No I’m not getting paid for this, it was simply worth sharing.


As regular readers will be aware I find the vast majority of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’s marketing at best, hateful.

I’ve never any idea who the ads are aimed at and end up mentally bookmarking the brands involved as spam.

This tie-in with the club’s official accommodation partners Hotels.com is however, rather inspired.

The whole thing is built on a very British sense of humour, trying kick a football into a suitcase, a training drill with a slaver of drinks; the recurring failure of Ben Davies to catch an ice cube  – is actually funny.

It’s also evident Christian Eriksen was having a great time.

Even the butler bloke at the end made me grin, and I find all that Dele Alli finger trick stuff irritating.

Why can’t all promotional ventures be this good?



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