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Former Tottenham defender states which clubs he wants Joe Rondon to go out on a loan deal

By Eddie Razo -

Many are waiting to see what additions Tottenham Hotspur makes this January window to improve the squad, but there will be some departures too. One name that could be leaving north London is Joe Rodon, who could be acquired on a loan deal. 

In an interview with This Is Futbol, former Tottenham defender Graham Roberts stated that he would like to see the 24-year-old leave temporarily this January on a loan deal to a club like Leeds United or Burnley.

“Leeds United, yes, maybe Burnley or somebody like that, who are powerful,” Roberts said. “I think it will make him grow up and make him become a better player.”

Rondon arrived from Swansea City last year and hasn’t been able to solidify a role on the Tottenham squad. Furthermore, Cristian Romero, Eric Dier, and Davinson Sanchez are all ahead of Rodon. There’s also talk of Spurs adding a central defender either this January or in the summer. 

A loan move would be ideal for getting playing time for the rest of this 2021-22 season and bumping up his stock that could spark interest from a club to purchase him in the summer. 

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England Mike
England Mike
2 years ago

His name is RODON and he needs to play.

2 years ago

Beats me how folks just rant without substance. The subject is Rodon not Emerson. If we need to have intelligent conversations. He is down the pecking order and he will get his chances in the cup ties. Any combination of backline Spurs puts out there does not include him. Dier as much as he make silly mistakes, Sanchez and who would think Davies with penciled in Romero to the that mix, and we have not mentioned Tanganga who I believe should go out on loan as a centerback so he can add some calmness to his game. He is a force attacking the ball and if he gets it right can be spectacular, but he is at a loss with open spaces and players coming at him. The goal was a prime example. You as the primary cover should not allow your man to reach the box after being held up by the wingack. The play was brilliant, but he was caught backing up into his box instead of attacking the ball. You cannot do that as a centerback. Not the first time he has done that resulting in goal. Royal with time will get better, he is too eager to impress, but he has the tools to do the job. His problem right now is Lucas is playing too close to him. If you take Moura away and give him space the way Reggie has it on the other side you will see a better version of him.

Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
2 years ago

This is the one thing I dont understand about the club Rodon has performed well for a new boy from memory a couple of mistakes but if you want to talk about mistakes review Emerson getting skinned yesterday and not for the first time.
Anyhoo……..go with our blessing Joe and come back a better player.

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