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Former Tottenham ace cannot resist taking a dig at Jose Mourinho despite fantastic win over Arsenal
By Bruce Grove -

Jose Mourinho has won his first north London derby and continues his fine run of form against Arsenal after Tottenham beat the Gunners 2-1 in the Premier League on Sunday.

In truth, it wasn’t the most captivating of performances, but they got the win and even more importantly the result that their perseverance deserved.

But as the saying goes “you cannot please everybody”, one ex-Tottenham player wasn’t satisfied with the win and he still had to have a go at Mourinho for the team’s performance in the game.

Darren Bent has been one of Spurs most outspoken ex-players in recent months and he criticised Mourinho for how his team played and claimed that they were lucky to be playing behind closed doors because their fans won’t be impressed by such a dreadful performance from the team.

He also claimed that their win over Everton was the most boring game played since the restart.

Asked if Spurs are lucky there are no fans in the stadium at the moment, the former Tottenham striker said on the talkSPORT Breakfast show: “One hundred per cent correct.

“There’s no way Spurs fans would settle for watching this, with how they’re playing at the moment.

“I know they beat Arsenal and they beat Everton, which was arguably the most boring game since the Premier League restarted, but against Bournemouth…

“I’m telling you now, there were times when I was at Spurs, and we were an attacking team, but if we didn’t pass the ball forward the fans were on our case.

“So if the Tottenham supporters were in the stands now, they wouldn’t be settling for this.

“If anything this [the lockdown] has helped Spurs as they can play this stifling football, they can get results and Mourinho can say it’s working.

“The pressure is off the players because there are no fans in there.

“But I’m telling you now, if the fans were in there, I don’t think they’d be allowed to play like this.”

Tottenham beat Arsenal and from the fans I have spoken to since yesterday none have given a damn about the actual performance, in fact, most were very pleased with the fight and passion showed and that is all they are asking for.

These sort of comments from Bent would have been appropriate after the Everton and Bournemouth games but right now they just seem like someone trying to get his name in the media for the sake of it and it worked because I am highlighting what he said.

So, well done Darren.

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