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Former Spurs man gives his view on the Mourinho and Alli saga

By Bruce Grove -

Dimitar Berbatov has added his voice to the current issue between Dele Alli and Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho has called out Alli for being lazy and he has waited for the Englishman to do more and give more to the team.

Alli started Spurs’ first league game against Everton, but he was hauled off at the half time as he struggled to influence the game.

The 24-year-old hasn’t played for the club since that time, sparking rumours that he might be leaving the club this summer.

Berbatov claimed that the attacker’s current situation in the team is a strange one that needs to change quickly.

Adding that him moving to PSG might seem good on paper, however, he will struggle to fit in at the Parc des Princes.

He then reiterated that Alli needs to knuckle down and do more after Mourinho criticised him for being a bad trainer.

“The Dele Alli situation is a strange one, left out of recent squads and Mourinho saying he has lots of players in that position,” he told Betfair via Football London.

“It is strange to me, and to others looking from the outside, so it can only mean one thing – the manager is just not picking him, and what that reason is, only they will know. It means there is some kind of problem, and who knows if it will be resolved?

“I hope it is fixed, he is a good player, and can become even better. I think a move to Paris Saint-Germain would be a big step back for him, because Deli is already in a great place to develop, and it will be a shame if it comes to an end like this.

“On paper, it is a great move for him, but where does he fit in at PSG, who are very strong and have lots of quality players in the same position. It is hard to see him playing there. I’d like to see him stay and fight at Spurs instead.

“Judging by the documentary, Mourinho didn’t like the way Dele trained, and thought he was lazy. If that is the case, then he needs to knuckle down and work hard to get his place in the starting XI back.”

Alli has struggled to reach the huge potential that he showed when he first burst on to the scene for Tottenham.

He has hardly improved under Mourinho and he will have to work even harder now that Spurs have landed Gareth Bale.

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3 years ago

Played for Tottenham and his country. Hardly a waste, and that’s just so far. Oh and a multimillionaire too

Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
3 years ago

This issue has been around for Deli Alley since he was in his early teens. Various trainee coaches knocking around MK Dons when he was about 14/15 years old saw him as the player most likely to waste his career because of his attitude.

3 years ago

Troy started. Cmon troy son start banging’m in

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