Date: 21st January 2019 at 1:25pm
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My thanks to the superb Forensic Onions

Lloris – One dodgy moment, but one of his best performances this season generally, some good saves. 

Trippier – Worked hard, saw a lot of the ball, but was well martialed for the most part and didn’t contribute enough of quality. 

Alderwiereld – Stepped out of defence well, good game. 

Sanchez – Mitrovic gave him a torrid time, as he can do, he didn’t always come out entirely on top, but didn’t wilt either. Tough game, but kept at it. 

Vertonghen – Like TA, stepped out with the ball well throughout. 

Rose – As ever he gets plaudits for his intentions, as ever, would love to see some composure from him in good positions. Decent effort though.

Winks – Absolutely superb today. Made the most ball recoveries (11). Defensively is learning and improving every game. Constantly plays with his head up, and from the first minute was looking forwards.

Most passes in opposition half (72), most forward passes by a mile (43), 91 passes completed. I like that he can move with ball too.

Today, we saw a different Winks, getting into forward zones, and looking to play more incisive passes (like the one that played Rose into the box). Great game. MOTM

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Eriksen – I was a little disappointed with his lack of risk taking first half, but maybe playing in a CM2 system does hamstring him a little, especially when the opposition are a bit lively. Still came up with a vital assist, and did work hard and saw plenty of the ball. 

Lamela – Pretty poor game to be honest, was erratic and careless at times, this is partly Lamela’s DNA, but I guess not helped when you aren’t playing regularly either. 

Alli – Much like Lamela, found the condensed spaces hard to operate in, and frittered away the ball too cheaply at times and goal aside didn’t really give the game much tangible quality product, but did put in effort. 

Llorente – This is going to be a tough few weeks. Ignoring the wasted chances, Kane wastes chances, you just don’t get that all action, uberness that Kane brings, and without the effervescent Son to fill in, we really missed that energy.

Completed 9 passes. Not a good day, but then when you are starting your first league game of the season in January, I guess it’s not ideal either. 

Nkoudou – Absolutely superb cross for the winner.