Date: 25th January 2019 at 10:09am
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My thanks to the superb Forensic Onions

Gazzaniga – I don’t think he was terribly at fault for the first, he’s unsighted by three players, the third of whom deflect it slightly. 

Aurier – Apart from struggling with Hazard all night, which many will do to be fair, everything else was just piss poor, poor decisions on the ball, gave it away carelessly, positioning suspect, offered nothing offensively and generally failed to provide any kind of upgrade, even defensively, on what Trippier or even KWO would have. 

Alderwerield – Had his work cut out tonight and put a real shift in. Very fortunate not to give a penalty away, but otherwise good game. Probably my MOTM

Vertonghen – Decent enough

Davies – Didn’t have the struggle Aurier did with Hazard, but was still pretty meh and I was actually relieved when Rose came on, as it least we might show some ambition (even if Rose often fails to cash the cheques his chippy ambitious arse writes). 

Rose – Great ball for the goal, did look a lot more proactive than Davies had. 

Sissoko – Really poor game. Didn’t do enough with or without the ball.

Dier – I’d forgotten how painful watching him trundle around midfield was. 

Winks – Tried to make something happen, did play a nice pass out to Rose for the goal, was generally OK. 

Eriksen – Bit disappointing to be honest, but not helped too much by the midfielders behind him and a very muddled set of tactics, hard for him to shine really. 

Lamela – Another pretty erratic and largely disappointing game. I know the boy has some ability and is happy to run around like a gazelle on PCP, but I’m getting to the point where patience is wearing pretty thin with him. Lack of consistency in his performance level, even within 90 minutes is starting to grate. 

Llorente – Did brilliantly for the goal. Didn’t do much else brilliantly.
Moura – Whizzy legs, little brain. Offside twice when we had the ball in our half, and wasted a great chance, not even working the keeper.