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Forbes’ Latest Top 10 Of Valuable Clubs Inadvertently Points To Tottenham’s Core Problem

By The Boy -

What’s interesting about this graphic is the text that comes with it, and should you ever find yourself in one of those pointless arguments with someone over which is the bigger sport, it might be worth referencing. The social media clout held by some football teams is dwarfing that of NFL sides.

Liverpool has 84 million combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Dallas Cowboys have less than 16-million.

The cuckoo in the next is Tottenham who doesn’t win anything but compete with healthy profit margins. If you click through to the Forbes article, there’s a list of the financial top 20 sides, and it includes the individual club’s debt percentage. Spurs’ have the biggest by some distance.

So Spurs make lots of money, yet Mr. Levy seeks to kid everyone we’re not equipped to rival our err …rivals.

And/or we keep buying badly. Either way, it all sits uneasily given we have a serial winner manager currently as a coach who is struggling, and before him one of the most adored coaches at the club of all time, and he fired.

Not difficult to see where ENIC’s focus is.

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Urbane Sturgeon
Urbane Sturgeon
3 years ago

“Spurs are looking at the furthest maturity date on those bonds being in three decades time: the average maturity of the total debt package is in 2042, according to the club.”

“Another bonus for Spurs, the average annual interest weight of all this new debt, including the bank facilities, is only a touch over 2.6%.”

And here’s a brief but somewhat detailed article for anyone interested, from 2019.


East Stand
East Stand
3 years ago

So predictable though wasn’t it? I seem to remember lots of people on here including HH being very cynical about what would happen after the stadium move happened. So here we are…

3 years ago

Gut wrenchingly soul destroying club at the minute

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