Date: 28th December 2018 at 11:36am
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Influence graphic v Bournemouth

If one image described Spurs unhindered playing the ball from the back, then it’s this one.

Still an concern that our midfield is an afterthought, but we are where we are, which also happens to be near the top of the table.

The Tottenham passing accuracy was superb, with the team as a whole averaging 89.69%. I know I bang on about this element of the stats, but without it you are constantly conceding to chaos.

Juan Foyth 78/72 passes

Juan Foyth was frankly imperious. Good grief, he only made 4 duff passes all game.

Harry Winks 71/73 passes

Harry Winks was also acutely accurate.

Winks link play

If we look at Winks in isolation, he was a genuine fulcrum and something that Eric Dier for example, simply cannot offer.

Moussa Sissoko was EVERYWHERE

Frequently a hit and miss (literally) merchant, Sissoko’s punchy short passes peppered the game and he only made 4 mistakes, achieving 55 successful passes from 59 attempts.

In the final analysis, Pochettino has implemented a culture of cohesive football at Spurs. Style and finesse built upon delivering the core disciplines.

More please.

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Digressing, depressing sign of the decline of the Retail High Street as music retailer HMV is reportedly poised to enter administration for the second time in six years, a move that would affect 2,200 staff at more than 120 stores.


Soonish there’ll be a machine on the high street I mean eatery street) where you put in one key (plus a fiver) and two keys will come out. Cobblers worried about that machine. But people still have to bring their shoes in.

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?

I wanna see the good stuff against the teams that turn up to play though. I don’t recall 2 worst, embarrassing performances than Everton and Bournemouth. Its their careers I suppose….


Rest assured Wolves are likely to be more competitive!


With little margin for error it’s now simply a case of winning ugly when necessary.

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?

I’m not so sure….I’ll go 4 nil this time.

Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?
Is Gascoigne gonna have a crack?



Welcome stats! but special praise for Son.
Good signing. A manager’s dream. Never complains. Just gets on with it.
A big loss when he departs for the Asian games.