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“Football is Dead To Me”

By The Boy -


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3 years ago

As a long time hater of every other club, no second teams for me, I hate the lot, I do hate more than others, Man Utd are near the top. Their fans go round expecting success as if they deserve it over others. I hate Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea because I have to and they are a bunch of (insert disparaging comment).

I have never been bitter about Arsenal and Chelsea winning cups. They had more money than us and got success in the only way I know exists, by spending the money on quality players. I certainly wish Roman had taken over us, but Sven Goran Eriksen and Liverpool are to blame there. I will though be bitter if West Ham get top 4. They have done nothing to improve that much as a club to warrant top 4, except they are not as bad as the rest.

They haven’t steadily grown as a club, earning their right to supersede other teams. They are riding on the coat tails of a) CoVid banning fans, because there is no way that team performs well in front of their own fans. Compare that to Liverpool, a team where the crowd is worth more than most others’ home support and have suffered badly as a result, b) Chelsea employing legend Frank to manage instead of getting someone like Tuchel in straight away!, c) Arsenal employing Pep’s pet and d) Spurs being an utter shambles from top to bottom for the last 3 seasons.

The Porn Kings and Brady will think their master plan of renting an athletics stadium for peanuts and sticking London on their badge is working, but infact they have stumbled their way into contention. Bit like when City left us second in the title race v Leicester. We were well off the pace but fans still see this as a missed opportunity.

I am praying Liverpool and Chelsea get their act together and force West Ham in to playing Khazakstan’s chumpions in the Europa next season. That is what they deserve. I can see teams like Leicester under Rodgers make progress, but West Ham cannot surely replicate this season, especially if teams around them get their houses in order.

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