Date: 9th July 2019 at 11:46am
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Let me remind you of truth.

“It is an NFL stadium and that’s the key message. From the very start during the design phase, we have had the NFL in mind. The anchor tenant is Tottenham Hotspur, but this is designed to be a permanent home for the NFL outside the US.”

THFC business lead, Aidan Mullally

I couldn’t watch the whole video. Not because I broke down in crocodile tears, but because I get bored extremely quickly by stuff I’m not vaguely interested in.

THFC may as well have teamed up with any number of other sports I couldn’t give a damn about. Rugby, bowls, golf, or synchronized swimming.

Of course, because I wasn’t dropped on my head as a baby, I also begin to get riled; hundreds of millions of football money has been sunk in to paying for this sideshow.

If you want to justify this cavort, kindly do it elsewhere. There must be an NFL blog out there simply dying to hear your thoughts.