First Dele, Now José Turns On Another Senior Player: None of which reflects well on Levy

These words from Mourinho here via MailOnline will make uncomfortable reading for those predisposed with no patience for The Special One; those waiting for him to fail. The latest quotes from the gaffer on the subject of Gareth Bale are as cold as they are inarguable. Bale’s acquisition as I have discussed previously was – according to a source close to the club – was a move made by Daniel Levy. One can appreciate why, it must have felt irresistible, and few at the time might have foreseen what an extraordinarily drawn out business the COVI-19 lockdowns would be. José Mourinho has never spoken excitedly of Bale, in fact the José was quoted widely and by as saying that 7-years on from when the Welshman left – meant Spurs weren’t signing the same man that left 7-years ago.

Dele Alli’s case has already been examined and closed, Mourinho spoke openly in the All or Nothing documentary about Alli’s poor training, both to Levy and to the boy’s face. This place had repeatedly argued that he simply didn’t pull his weight.

Now Levy has it before him, two players publicly branded as incapable of consistency in training.

The only alternate view is some weird invention, by those so blinded by contempt; which so very far removed from the teensiest hope of substantiation.

And to think some were confused when I was so hard on Pochettino for sitting there every week, telling us how happy he was.

Levy must act immediately, not just from a footballing perspective, but also from a financial one, this merry game of waiting and hoping is something I thought we had abandoned with the appointment of José.