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“Finished as an elite manager” Not everyone agrees with pundit about Mourinho

By Bruce Grove -

The pundits on Talksport are a very divisive bunch and among them, Simon Jordan does seem to be the most controversial.

Personally, I like Jordan, he does not always follow the crowd and while I do not always agree with him, he is certainly better than the likes of Jamie O’Hara and Adrian Durham, well, in my opinion anyway.

Yesterday, Jordan made some comments about Jose Mourinho and basically reckons that he will succeed at Spurs if he is given time and backed by the club.

As usual, whenever anything positive is said about the Portuguese the negativity comes flooding out and that was no different this time when fans reacted to Jordan’s comments.

Mourinho really does trigger people, he could probably win every single trophy and still be slammed as a has-been who can only win things with hundreds of millions and a brilliant squad at his disposal.

With that in mind, one has to take some of these responses with a pinch of salt, they are, for the most part, not really objective, however, I have tried to find some of the more sensible reactions, albeit negative ones, simply because almost all of them are negative.

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James McKevitt
James McKevitt
3 years ago
Reply to  Bertoliver

Agree, nobody would be talking about City or Chelsea without their riches. Unlikely they’d have won anything apart from the odd FA or League Cup.

3 years ago

When if ever has a manager at Tottenham under Enic been backed? Its not happened to date and cost the previous incumbent and others as well their position.
Jose was a punt by Levy that he could reenergise a squad Levy thought was top 4 quality. Its just not happened, there’s been no bounce, what additions Jose has made have been in most cases disappointing and the football is just impossible to watch. We have regressed so much.
For all Jordan’s bluster he forgets the simple fact that success in football is associated to club spend. Where were City and Chelsea before new ownership? Look at the successful clubs today and they all have one thing in common-money.
Whilst it’s hard to deny Jose’s previous trophy haul they were all,Porto apart, done with big budget clubs where he could buy in the talent he needed. He reputation wasn’t built on coaching and developing talent which i think our beloved Daniel was hoping would.
Apart from the generous salary I don’t really see what enticed him to take the job unless he too believed the squad was better than it was, in which case more fool him.

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