Date: 2nd February 2019 at 8:34am
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The mood at the stadium development (the one that was going to be finished and open last September) has been described to me as frighteningly similar to that when a certain German was ranting and raving in a certain Berlin bunker at the end of the Second World War.

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that the whole fire panel fiasco shows no sign of abating. One of the most crucial aspects and it has been treated with distain – you know – like a football club not really bothering to have enough good players.

The complexity of the mess that is the safety systems isn’t going to be conveyed well by me, my eyes had glazed over literally seconds into the explanation I received yesterday.

Suffice to say, the bottom line is that the whole thing has been a unmitigated disaster that could have been easily averted had more care been taken. Less haste, more speed.

This blog has been quick to mock – the allegations of drugs and booze on site – the bloke that skydived off the roof. But the reality is that these ‘issues’ were just symptomatic of very poor management.

Add to this a recurring undercurrent of interference of #TeamLevy. Not only are the Levy’s brilliant audio equipment buyers, but they are also fabulous interior design experts.

It was suggested to me that the whole sorry self inflicted situation became beyond parody months ago; the construction world now feels as warmly towards Daniel as the football one.

My one hope is that the whole experience has been so traumatic and gruelling for our glorious leader that after a suitable period of reflection, he’ll do the right thing and agree to sell.