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Exclusive: Freedom Of Information Requests Submitted

By The Boy -
Freedom of Information

Archway Sheet Metal was a family-owned business which was objecting to being moved away to make place for the new Spurs stadium which is now under construction.

Subsequently to the fire, the owners of Archway Sheet Metal reached an agreement with the Football Club, for the new stadium development to start.

Very little has been said about any of the result of the investigations into the cause of the fire, or of any investigations into any crimes that may have been committed.

As part of the FOI request, we have asked for all CCTV footage related to the incident

The reason for these requests is that North Tottenham continues to be an area of controversy over the use of land, both publicly and privately-owned. 

Haringey Council and their developer partners plan further compulsory purchases to redevelop more homes and business premises within just a few yards of the place where this fire occurred.

Everybody should be able to speak out in safety, and we need to find out what steps have been taken to find the truth about the fire incident, and ensure that there is no intimidation of anybody putting forward their point of view.

A response to the FOI requests will be due on 17 September from the Police.

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