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“everyone is obsessed with us” Jamie O’Hara goes on an incredible rant on live show

By Mehdi Gokal -

Former Tottenham midfielder and talkSPORT pundit Jamie O’Hara went on a rant during live show as he pointed out how Spurs are always underestimated.

O’Hara voiced his annoyance at how Tottenham is often subject to negative comments even when they are performing well:

“I’ve realised with Tottenham, when we’re doing well and we’re flying, everyone is quick to knock us down.”

“Everyone is quick to jump on the bandwagon. ‘You’re still Tottenham, you’ll still bottle it’ everyone is obsessed with us.

“I’m getting sick of the ‘oh you’re still Spurs’.

He further mentioned how other teams like Arsenal received praise when they were doing well:

“Last season Arsenal were top after eight games and flying, everyone said: ‘Arsenal can win the league, Arsenal can do this, Arsenal can do that’.

O’Hara took issue with the double standards, where Tottenham’s strong start to the season was not receiving the same positive attention:

“Tottenham, top of the league, international break and eight games, everyone’s still like ‘no you’ve got no chance, you’ll do well to get in the top four’. What are you talking about? We’re top!”

He also mentioned how critics, including his colleague Jason Cundy, often advise not to judge teams early in the season but were quick to dismiss Tottenham’s performance:

“Jason always gives it the big one and says you can’t judge it after the first couple of games.”

“Eight to ten games he said, ‘that’s when you can come back to me’ Chelsea – 11th. Tottenahm first.

“You’re eating your words, Tottenham are flying, don’t give me ‘it’s only eight games’.”

TBH Says:

Jamie O’Hara does not help himself with takes like these. Yes, Spurs have started the season on fire. And yes, we are currently top of the league, and are one of the only two unbeaten sides in the league.

But the last think we want right now is the added pressure of forcing ourself into a title race.

On paper, we do not currently have the squad to challenge the likes of Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool.

All we need to do is take it game by game and see where we are come January.

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