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ESPN’s Panel Give José Mourinho A Real Pasting [video]
By Harry Hotspur -

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf don’t hold back on Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho for his comments after Spurs’ 2-1 loss vs. Chelsea in the Premier League.

Whilst Mourinho bangs on about the lack of strikers and fatigue, Tottenham are playing some particularly poor football, something that this panel specifically point the finger at.

Harry Kane and Heung Son-Min being on the pitch or on the moon would have no bearing on Spurs being seemingly unable to play the ball to each other, retain possession or create lucid attacks on their opponents.

Mourinho is fully entitled to moan about the imbalance in his squad, but the biggest problem he has, is kidding people that this is something new! Indeed, it’s not unkind to suggest that José is coming very close to acknowledging he has bitten off more than he can chew at Tottenham – yet that’s something he would obviously never say publicly.

Mourinho made comments about being eager for the summer transfer window, leading the ESPN FC panel to discuss his pattern of behaviour in his past jobs, his relationship with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and what is actually going wrong at the club.

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5 responses to “ESPN’s Panel Give José Mourinho A Real Pasting [video]”

  1. Andy says:

    Good article, H. What normally happens when one bites off more than one can chew?
    Any chance of Levy administering some form of resuscitation?

  2. Mermelada Mañana says:

    “he has bitten off more than he can chew at Tottenham” – I think that’s exactly it. Its all a bit of a mess right now and the “plan” isn’t inspiring.
    Would a younger, more adventurous manager being throwing Parrot in right now? Sessegnon in the “Son” role? Maybe?

    AND the Woolwich are looking like they may go past us anytime soon…

    • Because every man and his dog is screaming out for Parrot to be given a try, Mourinho’s massive ego and the integral bloody mindedness of the man will not let him play, because it won’t have been his idea.

      • Andy says:

        I’m actually pleased Mourinho isn,t playing Parrot for 2 reasons. Long balls to a kid and no supporting pattern of play might set him back.
        And if he did play, Jose would move him on reference Lukaku,Pogba, Salah, De Bruyne Bonucci. Apart from his trophy laden cabinet, talent spotting and nurturing young players is foreign territory. Could sell Parrot and buy an older experienced striker.

        • IMO the reason Mourinho is not playing him is because he sees no Drogba qualities in him and classifies him ‘as not ready’. That’s the only kind of striker that interests Mourinho – one who can play up front on his own. In truth, to any other manager, Parrot would be seen as an asset and playing regularly in a positive attacking side.