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Eriksen Video: Surely Everyone Wasn’t Kung Fu Fighting?
By Harry Hotspur -

Christian Eriksen is currently doing a good impression of a brilliant man, who’s lost interest in playing for Spurs.

Eriksen’s karate-kick pass to Son (ft. Son cross)

Moments such as the one above (against Palace) show that occasionally the pride kicks in.

However, today against one of the worst side in the division, we witnessed a dreadfully mixed bag.

SIX (6) chances created – 4 in open play – 3 from set plays, yet a completed passing accuracy of such miserable proportions (66.2%) one would think he only came on for the last 3 minutes.

Inside the penalty area (against one of the worst side in the division) the Dane attempted 9 passes and only 3 of them were successful.

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5 responses to “Eriksen Video: Surely Everyone Wasn’t Kung Fu Fighting?”

  1. Lord Croker (Ex Tory voter) says:

    Yes. Eriksen is non to fond of the Cockerel anymore. Looks uninspired. Uninterested. Just going though the motions. Even the cheese room can’t seem to interest him. Poor lad.

  2. Cabspur says:

    Today was more than a shocker than some of his other performances this season,really has dropped a notch this season. I think he wants to move on and we would still get top money for him now ,the thing is how much is Levy going to give Poch to replace him and will he pick a winner ,with our budget its get it right or work with tosh.A good performance today but i have to say Huddersfield were shite and should probably just go down to League One . Anyone know the extent of the scarecrow after his injury? we might need him for wednesday .

  3. legoverlassreinvented says:

    if Eriksen and Toby where to stay then thats Levys “Investment money for the squad” up the swannee. Best sell two world class players who you do not want to pay a market rate for in wages in exchange for two cheaper “Yoof” potentials and pocket the difference. Ahhhh the smell of ambition permeates around the “Dare to Do” emblems at the new destination.

  4. Sid Trotter says:

    Ah I think we are being too tough on him, bless his tin tin socks. Yes his head is turned but if we win CL (cough) and he leaves, then thats another 100 million into the DL survival fund, which means we’ll get that cheese room. If RM came in for you, your head would be turned, and for that money (which DL won’t invest) we could get the next Ginger Pele

  5. Tappaspur says:

    Coys. Burying teams

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