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Eric Dier makes surprise revelation about Ange’s coaching style

By Mehdi Gokal -

Former Tottenham defender Eric Dier recently provided intriguing insights into his experience under manager Ange Postecoglou during his loan spell at Bayern Munich.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Gary Neville on The Overlap, Dier shed light on Postecoglou’s coaching style and tactical approach.

Despite limited playing time under Postecoglou, Dier expressed satisfaction with his six-month stint at Bayern, praising the manager’s coaching methods and the quality of his coaching staff.

However, he made a surprising revelation about Postecoglou’s approach to tactical awareness, stating that the manager prioritised minimal traditional tactical work.

Dier disclosed that Postecoglou focused on shaping every training drill throughout the week to reflect the desired style of play, rather than delving deeply into tactical strategies.

He said:

“And Ange, I really, really enjoyed those six months, apart from not playing at all.

“I just really, really enjoyed the style of play, the style of training, I think he has fantastic coaches.

Neville asked: “The most tactically aware coach you’ve played under? Because what he’s achieved on the pitch, you think – how has he coached that?”

Dier responded: “No, interestingly he really doesn’t do barely any tactical work, what he does is every single training drill from Monday to Friday is drawn up to represent the way that he wants to play.”

Ange’s methods are yielding results

This approach, while unconventional, seemed effective, as Tottenham currently sits in the top four of the Premier League under Postecoglou’s guidance.

While Dier’s remarks may raise eyebrows regarding Postecoglou’s tactics, the Australian manager’s methods appear to be yielding results for Tottenham as they vie for a coveted Champions League spot next season.

As the season unfolds, fans will be curious to see how Postecoglou’s unique coaching style continues to influence the team’s performance on the pitch.

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