Date: 15th January 2019 at 1:09pm
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Real Madrid boss Santiago Salari is, to use the classic football parlance, under fire.

The Spanish press have recently described the Los Blanco boss’ position as like ‘feeling Mourinho’s breath on his shoulder’, such is the precarious nature of his position.

One issue is Real Madrid ‘languishing’ in 4th spot, another is the rather public falling out between the gaffer and the club’s seasoned midfielder, Isco.

“Solari, you have as much idea about football as I do about engineering…” Aitor Costa wrote. “MURDERER of FOOTBALL.”

This was published on Instagram by a close friend of Isco.

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that Tottenham very recently made tentative enquiries about the 26 year old.

Quite how Mauricio Pochettino would feel about a player rumoured not to be pulling his weighting training is one question, but a perhaps more weighty one would be, ‘why Isco?’

As a versatile number 10, it’s not difficult to see that Isco could bridge that frequently fuzzy gap that Spurs have often struggled with – between Harry Kane and our midfield, not to mention someone to relieve Kane’s burdons when so required.

However, this is Levynomics and unless Daniel has found someone to pay 3 times what we paid for Lucas Moura, then who is leaving us isn order to free up the wages, etc?

It has been suggested to this blog that the answer might well be Christian Eriksen, who harbours a desire to play for Barcelona.

Should the Dane bail, then the name Isco would sate the Client Reference numbers, but it remains to be seen if this is a player that has ever featured on a Pochettino short list.

I take a view that if any of these moves in and out of Tottenham were to transpire, then this January window would be too soon anyway.

Eriksen out, Isco in, eh?

Where is that damn cheese sommelier?

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