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To Dare Is Too Dear: ENIC & Levy Must Go [opinion]
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to our very own, Finn
Daily Mail

“That rot manifests in the destruction of hope and the common
denominator in that destruction, is Daniel Levy.”

The time has come (the walrus said)…….. Levy has to go.

As reasons have come and gone and the “you’ve put your finger on it” brigade have run out of fingers, we’re finally seeing some light being directed onto the owners of what they call the business entity and we call our club. The stadium’s fantastic, the training ground world-class, but it’s supposed to be there for the football; that’s the raison d’etre.

I mean imagine the latest and greatest cruise ship, bestowed
with every conceivable luxury; the raison d’etre of the ship is to sail the
oceans in comfort, but the luxury upholstery and cuisine can do nothing when the owners don’t pay the going rate for seaworthy staff and the ship hits the first iceberg it meets……. and whilst the pundits talk about the deck-chairs, the owners send in a yet another new skipper who can manage no more than to whinge about the gurgling sounds of Leo di Caprio drowning.

For 20 years pundits, sportswriters and bloggers have been
giving us their views as to why we are serial under-achievers, each one gnawing beaver-like at their own particular tree, but only the odd lone voice (such as our estimable host), has tried to address the systemic rot of the entire forest.

That rot manifests in the destruction of hope and the common denominator in that destruction is Daniel Levy.

A few years ago we were on a high; only a matter of time before
we win the league. Fast forward to now and hope, once again has been shattered.


People say Poch had to go: by the time he went that was probably true for his sake more than anyone else – hope shattered. The man had
built a team, a dynamic, an ethos….. dare I say a philosophy, that had started a belief that we could be up there with the best.

But when he needed to take the next steps in the project plans, the next project in the program, he was frustrated by Levy and Lewis. He hung
on and did what he could with the squad using the momentum he’d built and doubtless passing on the belief he had in the promises made to maintain a top-tier presence, as a club priority.

I can’t believe for one moment that Poch did not believe that the facilities being built were to underpin a shared ambition to build a great
footballing dynasty. All the pieces were there, we’d done the hard part at Wembley, we had a core of good players; we just needed to keep building – hope shattered.

But then the worm turned. The avarice and complete lack of
emotional engagement that the owners have with this club once again reared its head. The cockerel crowed three times and Poch was denied, denied, denied: no new players to refresh a squad that would, in a couple of years, be starting to wane – hope shattered.

This demise (which we are seeing now in its fruition) was
seen ahead of time: we all posted about it – we’ve been down this road before! It was certainly seen by Poch and his demise, which spilled from the heart on his sleeve, was created and fed by Levy and Lewis tying his hands and trying to gag him, which eventually reached a breaking point for the man – another in a line of good men broken on the wheel of false promises that Levy manages to keep spinning – hope shattered.

Daily Mail

So Mourinho, another false hope? I don’t doubt in my own
mind that like a shark in bloody water, he nosed his way towards us: he and
Levy has history and I can believe his opportunism was on high alert. The deal had to have already been done when Poch was sacked, such was the timing and I have no doubt in my mind that whatever thin strands of personal loyalty that Levy may have had delusions of, were quickly severed by Jose.

So now we have the man himself, or do we? Is this the man who won what could be won, or a shadow of that man cruising from club to club, negotiating a huge fee payable upon exit and then structuring that exit? Whichever it is, I don’t see him saving this sinking ship and he, like those before him, will be dashed on the rocks of Levy’s intransigence.

It’s now time I feel that all Spurs fans should rally to campaign for Levy and ENIC to go. They need to be made to feel uncomfortable at the club at every turn, just as they have done to us and those who have strived to try to make something of THFC that’s actually related to football rather than a Spursy legacy of a new word in a dictionary.

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