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To Dare Is Too Dear: ENIC & Levy Must Go [opinion]
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to our very own, Finn
Daily Mail

“That rot manifests in the destruction of hope and the common
denominator in that destruction, is Daniel Levy.”

The time has come (the walrus said)…….. Levy has to go.

As reasons have come and gone and the “you’ve put your finger on it” brigade have run out of fingers, we’re finally seeing some light being directed onto the owners of what they call the business entity and we call our club. The stadium’s fantastic, the training ground world-class, but it’s supposed to be there for the football; that’s the raison d’etre.

I mean imagine the latest and greatest cruise ship, bestowed
with every conceivable luxury; the raison d’etre of the ship is to sail the
oceans in comfort, but the luxury upholstery and cuisine can do nothing when the owners don’t pay the going rate for seaworthy staff and the ship hits the first iceberg it meets……. and whilst the pundits talk about the deck-chairs, the owners send in a yet another new skipper who can manage no more than to whinge about the gurgling sounds of Leo di Caprio drowning.

For 20 years pundits, sportswriters and bloggers have been
giving us their views as to why we are serial under-achievers, each one gnawing beaver-like at their own particular tree, but only the odd lone voice (such as our estimable host), has tried to address the systemic rot of the entire forest.

That rot manifests in the destruction of hope and the common denominator in that destruction is Daniel Levy.

A few years ago we were on a high; only a matter of time before
we win the league. Fast forward to now and hope, once again has been shattered.


People say Poch had to go: by the time he went that was probably true for his sake more than anyone else – hope shattered. The man had
built a team, a dynamic, an ethos….. dare I say a philosophy, that had started a belief that we could be up there with the best.

But when he needed to take the next steps in the project plans, the next project in the program, he was frustrated by Levy and Lewis. He hung
on and did what he could with the squad using the momentum he’d built and doubtless passing on the belief he had in the promises made to maintain a top-tier presence, as a club priority.

I can’t believe for one moment that Poch did not believe that the facilities being built were to underpin a shared ambition to build a great
footballing dynasty. All the pieces were there, we’d done the hard part at Wembley, we had a core of good players; we just needed to keep building – hope shattered.

But then the worm turned. The avarice and complete lack of
emotional engagement that the owners have with this club once again reared its head. The cockerel crowed three times and Poch was denied, denied, denied: no new players to refresh a squad that would, in a couple of years, be starting to wane – hope shattered.

This demise (which we are seeing now in its fruition) was
seen ahead of time: we all posted about it – we’ve been down this road before! It was certainly seen by Poch and his demise, which spilled from the heart on his sleeve, was created and fed by Levy and Lewis tying his hands and trying to gag him, which eventually reached a breaking point for the man – another in a line of good men broken on the wheel of false promises that Levy manages to keep spinning – hope shattered.

Daily Mail

So Mourinho, another false hope? I don’t doubt in my own
mind that like a shark in bloody water, he nosed his way towards us: he and
Levy has history and I can believe his opportunism was on high alert. The deal had to have already been done when Poch was sacked, such was the timing and I have no doubt in my mind that whatever thin strands of personal loyalty that Levy may have had delusions of, were quickly severed by Jose.

So now we have the man himself, or do we? Is this the man who won what could be won, or a shadow of that man cruising from club to club, negotiating a huge fee payable upon exit and then structuring that exit? Whichever it is, I don’t see him saving this sinking ship and he, like those before him, will be dashed on the rocks of Levy’s intransigence.

It’s now time I feel that all Spurs fans should rally to campaign for Levy and ENIC to go. They need to be made to feel uncomfortable at the club at every turn, just as they have done to us and those who have strived to try to make something of THFC that’s actually related to football rather than a Spursy legacy of a new word in a dictionary.

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75 responses to “To Dare Is Too Dear: ENIC & Levy Must Go [opinion]”

  1. Legoverlassarisen says:

    Interestingly if this season is voided which I strongly suspect will happen as the peak for this virus is said to be three months away what will happen re CL places for next season? It is possible that we will be in the CL again by default. That may be enough to persuade Kane and Son to stay one more season and for some quality players to be recruited. Will the loss of gate receipts for not playing the remaining EPL fixtures be less than the CL money for next season plus the money for getting a CL spot.?

  2. Tappaspur says:

    Went to my local shop. Bought couple rolls of Andrex, some sardines lentils and chickpeas. Had a little chat with my man in broken Turkish then left. It wasn’t a problem. Asda was cleaned out😂 big up all small local traiders. 🌚

  3. Billy the yid says:

    Just been reading up a little on this amazon documentary, which in true Dan style is about as low as you can go. But the worrying thing is, as I understand it, poch didn’t want cameras in to replace him on the training pitch, but to sit back and watch stuff over to see if he missed anything in the sessions. Seems a decent idea to me. Factor in he offered to pay for them himself and levy said no, I just don’t get it. Then throw into the mix levy then says your getting them in your office, well that’s gonna boil your poss that’s for sure. And I’m also reading that Jose slammed city for doing something similar a couple of years back, yet here he is accepting it as part of his new job. If I was to be totally cynical I’d suggest that he’s come along for a giant pay packet, safe in the knowledge he doesn’t have to win trophies, just toe the line thanks very much. But to start this thing with pochs sacking is unacceptable to me. Rather watch someone else’s funeral

    • Tappaspur says:

      Levy gonna be ruthlessly putting our football club/brand out there to attract more money fans. I woulda thought everybody in the world already knows who we are but more can have a soft spo£ for us I suppose. The program will be forgotten about within a year but the soft spot fans attracted will be spending on us for life.

      • East Stand says:

        I can’t see the Amazon program creating more global support than winning something big. Liverpool did the Amazon thing When Rodgers was manager and it was widely criticized. Then Liverpool got wise, dumped the gimmicks and backed the manager. Now look at them, how many more fans will they pick up from having a great team?

        ENIC OUT.

        • Tappaspur says:

          You should know by now that levy is doing it his way round. Money from other stuff then cups to get more money from. Its his way of doing it. He’s stubborn and won’t change as he believes his way is the right way. Plus he’s in too deep to turn back now. Commercial success first.

          • East Stand says:

            What did he do when we won our only cup with Levy 12 years ago? Sold half the team off the following summer, I’ll politely remind everyone.

            Now we also have debts that we’ve never seen the like of before to add to his already tight fisted ways. The team is going backwards and all these cups you speak of look further away than at any time in the last 6 seasons.

            These theories only add up if you accept that such an approach MIGHT take another 10 years to bear fruit. He’s already said that no Champions League will mean even less spending on the team this summer.

            This team is going nowhere at the moment…

            • Tappaspur says:

              It don’t matter about all that. Levy don’t see it that way. Them team being now here at the “moment” is right though. For now

              • Tappaspur says:

                It is what it is.

              • East Stand says:

                To be honest, I couldn’t give a $hit how Levy sees it.

                Whatever he’s been doing, is doing or is about to do, never brings the returns on the pitch that the fans crave.

                It’s our club, £uck him, and ENIC…

  4. Eddie says:

    With the local social engineering project gaining momentum this is not a time that ENIC are going to sell.They want to be in a position to sell for maximum gain and to hell with the football club.They have zero interest in it.So they will be here for the foreseeable future sadly,overseeing the gentrification of the surrounding area and lining their grubby pockets.
    The problem is that with the multi-event and NFL features built into the new shopping mall,I only see very similar interests in any prospective buyers.They will want to maximise financial gain over any thought for the football club.That’s why they would invest the money in the first place.

    • Jonathan Hurst says:

      But heres the point theres room for both in theory plenty of money coming in to reinvest in the team so none of their money needs putting in we dont really need an Abramovich or consortium just not a greedy Jewish bald twerp who wont reinvest the money at all

    • Tappaspur says:

      Levy is overseeing the gentrification of the 300.000 people in Haringey? 110.000 in TOTTENHAM? I don’t think so. He just works here.

  5. East Stand says:

    Excellent blog from Finn.

    ENIC have nowhere to hide, not even Tweets from Micky Hazard can distract from the reality!!

    They put the fans through it with Wembley for two years spinning the hope that the new place would be our fortress. The team so far has had a better record without a home ground than with one. Why?

    Because to coincide with the lead up to us moving in, Levy undermined the team, coaches and fans with this penny pinching and anti football ‘financial’ policies.

    This kind of chest beating about record profits is actually in bad taste, given the current malaise we find ourselves in on the pitch. It’s almost as if Levy is trying to rub it in, rub in what I have no idea. Perhaps an attempt to teach the fans a lesson about how to do things the ‘Levy’ way?

    Nobody knows what ENIC or Levy are about but their track record gives us a pretty good idea.

    Jose was another punt by Levy, Poch was a punt by Levy but Poch was a punt that meant the trajectory of the football team became uncomfortably ‘upward’ for Levy’s liking.

    His expectation management of the fans had gone out the window, the team was already consistently in the Champions League (and a final). How could Levy then square stadium debt and micromanaging funds around the theory that one day the fans would be rewarded with ‘something or other’ in the future at ‘some point’?

    The team was already there, on the cusp. We beat Liverpool 4-1 at Wembley and we were probably a better side at that point. What did Levy do and what did Fenway Sports do?

    The summer that followed and subsequent ones defined the intentions of both sets of owners. Of course we know that we don’t have exactly the financial clout of Liverpool, but keeping the squad fresh, making shrewd acquisitions and doing your best to back the coach isn’t surely that hard to do?

    Levy’s latest punt on Jose has failed spectacularly. Suddenly the team has lost direction, identity and even the ability to beat dross at home. Where we go from here, nobody knows.

    Next stop for Jose on his cash hoovering mission? The Chinese Super League…


  6. ENIC and Levy don’t do DARE.

  7. Tappaspur says:

    I just HATE seeing “no hope” next to TOTTENHAM.

  8. Billy the yid says:

    See another thing that bothers me with his statements. Spending money doesn’t guarantee winning trophies. Correct. However spending money on proper players, because they are scouted and are gonna fit into a managers plans will. Equally, not spending money will absolutely guarantee no trophies. So if spending cash doesn’t equal trophies, why have we built a stadium for a billion then?????

    • DannyG says:

      Exactly. Spending no money guarantees no trophies!

      • Eddie says:

        If nothing else the trophy room was a waste of money.Makes the cleaner’s job easier.

        • Billy the yid says:

          See there’s us lot thinking about trophies and Teflon Dan had a plan all along. Who needs a trophy room cos that means you need a cleaner. Once again he’s cutting costs. What a business man he is

    • East Stand says:

      There really is no case where not spending is outstripping spending in terms of success on the pitch.

      Poch was one of the exceptions, to have a net spend over 5 seasons of 17th in the league would normally put you in the bottom half at the very least.

      I’d like Levy to present a list of highly successful teams that have the 17th highest football spending over 5 seasons, anywhere in the world.

      He’s hiding behind Poch and his staff’s exceptional record of getting so much out of a young squad. When the actual reality of spending in football makes his theory complete garbage.

      Look at Citeh, Chavs, ok they may have bent the rules somewhat but spending makes the team successful, end of the argument. His manager should know! 😂

      Liverpool spent to upgrade what they had and the rest is history. Levy spent nothing and the rest is also history.

      Time for ENIC and Levy to feel the heat. They are complete ba$tards…

      • Billy the yid says:

        You know my thoughts on that lot. Another thing the anti poch brigade forget is his first year was spent outing the kak that had assembled thru the bale money sherwood as manager debacle. Yes we got lucky to the extent it wa a time when the big guns were messing up, but it was still a real team with spirit, a ground that turned up every week knowing whoever got in our way would be dealt with, mostly by half time, and hope for the future. The rainbow over the old girl on the last day. Bet that twit had people behind the shelf with an assortment of water vaporisers and lights🤬

        • East Stand says:

          Anyone who’s ‘anti-Poch’ clearly hadn’t watched us much over the previous 30 years.

          Best football for decades, highest ever league placing and our first ever Champions League final on a tiny budget. The man will go down as one of our greatest managers because of that.

          The view that Jose guarantees trophies is one only held by weirdos…

  9. ronan1882 says:

    Cannot see anybody paying them what they would want to go away unfortunately. The maximum that has ever been paid for a football club is far below what Lewis and Levy would demand for an institution still at least half a billion in debt. There would simply be no scope for profit to any buyer. It also looks like levy is grooming his son for that Richest CEO in Football role.

    That is not to say fan discontent and pressure would have no impact. It would obviously have no effect on Joe, entombed on a yacht in some Caribbean bay. But levy has generally heard only praise and tributes for 20 years. If his limo started being surrounded on the way into games or if people started clambouring across seats to get to the directors’box it could awaken him to the truth: that fans paying the most expensive prices in the world are no longer going to be content with simply bragging about levy winning the accountancy cup.

    • East Stand says:

      I hope we don’t win the League Cup or FA Cup next season. That’ll be Levy done for yet another 20 years! 😂

  10. Tappaspur says:

    Was watching something about terry the “meat hook” Naylor. Whack! Hello winger🌚 he’s in the top ten of Tottenhams hardest ever defenders. Stan bowles (who shoulda been a spurs player) never looked forward to playing against him.

  11. DannyG says:

    1 pot in 20 years is terrible by any stretch of the imagination. The problem is there are a good few years left before they will sell. They are building a business empire. It would take an extraordinary bid to buy Tottenham now – probably over £3bn. Until that time comes, we’re stuck with them. Their plan is to generate as much money as possible from non football sources to augment the already healthy income from football. After all, a club that makes more revenue is worth more money.

    We have only just seen a glimpse of the first stage – the new stadium, the NFL, the concerts, boxing and rugby… these events will build the “brand” and help generate more income through commercial revenue and match day. It’s like a cash snowball collecting notes as it tumbles down, squashing everything in its way. It could be only a matter of time before we generate more than Man Utd – with no success on the pitch needed to do it!

    If we think they’re going to sell up now before achieving this capitalist dream, we are very misguided. We’ll have to wait a while longer before we see some success I’m afraid.

    My hope is that they will be forced to reinvent this cash mountain back into the football, and we manage to win something purely “by accident “.

  12. Billy the yid says:

    Absolutely brilliant piece. Because there’s so much happened, all bad, we kinda forget that the rat did to poch what he did to jol. Sums him up as a person

    • Jonathan Hurst says:

      Was about to mention jol they probably curse him as much as poch as he certainly started the upward crawl in the face of their incompetence as owners. Never finished above 8th before him under them! Then they had to start moving forward begrudgingly and the cash cow stadium idea was formed until poch gave them there 5 year target in 2 seasons. I’ve hoped I’ve loved but now we have all lost

  13. Marbella Spur says:

    Great article. I wrote on this blog some months ago that I believed that the mainstream media was turning more of a forensic eye on Levy and this is proving to be the case. Inevitably it will be up to the fans to show some backbone instead of turning a blind eye to Enic and Levy’s failures. I can only hope that if Enic sell the club, it will be to some entity who has at least some interest in the football side of matters rather than forever gazing at the bottom line. ENIC OUT!

    • East Stand says:

      Con men (and women).

    • Andy says:

      I hope you are right re a football priority but the whole entertainment complex thing plus ongoing NFL contract means another version of Enic could take over.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Just saying ENIC OUT won’t be enough to out them. The big nipple money squeezers are not leaving the big money breast.

      • Marbella Spur says:

        You are right but corporations only change their business model when their image has become tarnished which it has under Levy who is their mouthpiece. When the stadium becomes half empty and season ticket sales start to fall and we become a mid table team , they might start to take notice. Of course, there will also have to be substantial demos against Enic and Levy for them to realise that a change of course is needed, but I have my doubts that the majority of Spurs fans have the backbone for this.