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Emerson Royal shares which Tottenham star is a major fan of PSG’s Neymar

By Eddie Razo -

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min is a star player in the Premier League, this season, he won the Golden Boot as top scorer, equaled on 23 goals with Liverpool FC’s Mohamed Salah. 

However, Son wants to have the star validation from his peers who recognize his talent, like in any profession. In an interview with ESPN Brazil, Tottenham full-back Emerson Royal spoke about the 29-year-old asking the Brazilian whether Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar Jr. knows him. 

Royal states that his Tottenham teammate is a big fan of Neymar, so he asks whether his peer is aware of him and his game out of curiosity. 

“He keeps joking and says: ‘Imagine if I were Brazilian? Me, Neymar, and I don’t know who else playing.’ He is a big fan of Neymar and has a great affection,” Royal said. 

“He tells me directly about Ney and asks: ‘Does he know me?’ I reply: ‘Hey Son, of course, he knows you, man. Just as you admire him, he can admire you too. You’re a star; you play a lot of ball.”

Furthermore, in the interview, Royal added that he sent a message to Neymar to swap jerseys with Son after the friendly between Brazil and South Korea.

“I even sent a message to Neymar and asked him to change shirts with Son in the Korea game because he is a big fan,” Royal said.  

The swap did occur between the two players after Brazil defeated South Korea 5-1 in their matchup as both national teams are preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

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