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€70M Rated Ace Confirms Tottenham Interest [video inc.]
By Harry Hotspur -

Giovani Lo Celso quotes are being carried by Radio La Red.

This may be slim pickings to some of you, but given the utterly mindless speculation over prospective transfer targets we’ve endured in the past, this is a vertible drop of hope.

“There’s nothing new about Tottenham, I’m 100% focused on what the national team is, we know how strong the English league is, but I’m not focused on that.”

Or is it?

‘Nothing new about Tottenham’ is a phrase that more than suggests that Levy’s negotiation technique has arrived at the usual impasse.

Watching above showreel, the boy looks like a more dynamic version of Eriksen.

I’m stuggling to know what Levy ever actually achieves with his bartering style?

We appear rarely to get the better players and the money allegedly saved vanishes into the ether.

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